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14 St. Louis Directory. CON-DAV
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Conway, Frederick R., Seventh below Convent
Conway, John, laborer , Sixth below Spruce
Conway, F. R., U. S.United States b recorder of land titles , office Alley near c
Seventh and Walnut
Coleman, WillisP., Sixth b Market and Walnut
Colver F. & L. , house carpenters , Spruce b Second and Third
Coutts, Charles, stone and marble cutter , c Second and Almond
Cordy, Henry, laborer , Lombard b First and Second
Cozens, William, office 92 Elm
Crusoe, Alexander, office 150 ssouth Second
Crooks, Lewis, clerk , r 171 ssouth Second
Croft, John, Second b Lombard and Hazel
Crawford, William, wholesale and retail dealer in drygoods and
groceries , 1 ssouth First; rresidence 135 ssouth Third
Cravier, Catharine, c Eighth and Spruce
Crow, Tevis & McCreery , drygoods merchants , 99 nnorth First
Crow, Wayman, (C. Tevis & McCreery ,) c Eighth and Olive
Crockett, JosephB., attorney-at-law , r c Sixth and Olive
Crockett & Gist , attorneys-at-law , 79 nnorth Main, up stairs
Crockett — , attorney-at-law , r 31 Chesnut
Cradle, Peter, baker , 125 nnorth Second
Creppen, Mrs., seamstress , 65 nnorth Third
Crabtree, Benjamin, laborer , Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Crabtree, Benjamin, teamster , Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Cricker, H., Eighth b Wash and Carr
Craner, Lawrence, musician , Ninth b Wash and Carr
Cramer, P., tailor , r 68 Pine
Crawly, Timothy, laborer , Biddle b Seventh and Eighth
Craven, Ellen, [col’dcolored ,] First b Popular and Spruce
Crevassoll S. & Co.Company , tailors , c First and Myrtle
Cruese, Peter, clerk , r 125 ssouth Second
Cuniffe & Co.Company , grocery , 63 nnorth Front
Cuniffe & Brother , clothing merchants , 171 nnorth Front
Cummings, James, boarding-house , Fifth b Wash and Carr
Cuter, H., Eighth b Wash and Carr
Culbert, William, pilot , Ninth b Wash and Carr
Culver, Henry, M. D. , r Walnut b Third and Fourth
Curtis, Elijah, proprietor Jefferson House , c First and Pine
Davis H. N. & Co.Company , commission and forwarding merchants , 61
nnorth Front
Davis, John, hat manufacturer , 35 nnorth First
Davis, John, attorney-at-law , 54 nnorth Second
Davis, Merrill, (Harrington & D. ) Broadway b Morgan and
Franklin avavenue
Davis, H. N. (H. N. D. & Co.Company ) Broadway above Cherry
Davis, Tilden & Richards , dealers in drygoods and groceries ,
49 Market
Davis, John H., carpenter , r 169 Seventh
Davis, A. A., boarding-house , c Front and Myrtle