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16 St. Louis Directory. DES-DIN
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Desaray, David, col’dcolored pilot , c Third and Almond
Desaray, Mary, [col’dcolored chambermaid ] S. B. St. Louis, rresidence Almond
b First and Second
Deeds, Henry, boarding-house , Fourth b Myrtle and Second
Desavia, Thérèse, col’dcolored washerwoman , Olive b Front and First
Dewingner, Jas. A., Alley b Third and Fourth above Mulberry
Dempsey, Thomas, stone cutter , r Ninth b Market and Walnut
Denala, John B., laborer , 10 nnorth Second
Dessaint, Louis C., cabinet manufacturer , c Vine and Second; rresidence
Greene b Sixth and Seventh
Delile, A., house painter , 16 nnorth Third
Devoy, Nicholas, boarding-house , 131 nnorth Third
DeanMrs., widow, 174 nnorth Fourth
DebutzElizabth, widow, Broadway above Cherry
Demier, John, paver , 123 nnorth Fifth
Deb, George, tailor , r e Seventh and Pine
Demun, Julius, Register of the land Office , 50 nnorth Sixth
Deats, William, confectioner , Market b Ninth and Tenth
Depew R. & Son , merchant tailors , 32 Chesnut
Dem, George, laborer , 97 Chesnut
Delphi Refectory , by Willey & Young , c Second and Olive
Delham, Caroline, col’dcolored washerwoman , Locust b Fourth and Fifth
Dell, David M., wagon maker , Greene b Sixth and Seventh
Deal, Conrad, butcher , r Plum b Second and Third
Deer, W., tailor and scourer , c Front and Oak
DevinMrs.Jane, widow, Greene b Third and Fourth
Denkins, Simon, col’dcolored laborer , Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Denivan, Dennis, laborer , Wash b Sixth and Seventh
Dimcler, Phillip, boot maker , 195 nnorth First
Dinnies & Radford , booksellers and stationers , 74 nnorth First
Dinnies, J. C. (D. & Radford. ) 76 nnorth Fifth
Dux, John R., tailor , 66 nnorth First; rresidence 52 Market
Dixon, David W., merchant , r Broadway above Cherry
Dixon, Elijah, laborer , Cincinnati Row, on Sixth
Dixon, Minette, col’dcolored wash’woman , Almond b Second and Third
Dikeman, W. R., clothing merchant , 21 nnorth First
Dickens, Mary, washerwoman , 131 nnorth Fifth
Diggs, John, carpenter , r c Fifth and Carr
Dillon, Phillip, laborer , Market b Ninth and Tenth
Dillon, Joseph, drygoods merchant , 41 Market
Dillon, Alexander, turner , r Alley b Third and Fourth, above
Diackmann, Frederick, blacksmith , c Seventh and St. Charles
Dinan, Patrick, bricklayer c Ninth and St. Charles
Ditman, Conrad, tailor and scourer , Greene b Third and Fourth
Divine, John, butcher , r Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Dill, John W., plasterer , 69 ssouth Fifth
Diddle, John, laborer , Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Diestelhorst, Henry, carpenter , r 71 Myrtle
Dings, Frederick, brush maker , 28 Olive