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20 St. Louis Directory. FAN-FLO
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Fannan, Bernard, c First and Spruce
Farmer, E, Grove Retreat , c Ninth and Olive
Faherty, Margaret, Alley rear Cincinnati Row, Sixth
Few, William, engineer , Asley b Sixth and Seventh
Ferguson, Peter, clerk County Court , office s wing of the court-
house; rresidence Washington avavenue b Tenth and Eleventh
Ferry, Daniel, laborer , 26 Greene
Feneter, Conrad, blacksmith , r Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Femister, Edmund, accountant , r 52 Elm
Ferrall, John, 88 ssouth First
Feickert, J., baker , 90 ssouth Second
Fisher, William P., boarding-house , 49 nnorth First
Fisher, J. B., wholesale and retail dealer in boots and shoes , 28
nnorth First
Fisher, John, Old Dominion , c Second and Olive
Fisher, John W., blacksmith , Fourth b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
FisherMrs., widow, 167 nnorth Fourth
Fisher, Daniel, quarrier , r English b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Fisher, William, boot maker , Plum b Second and Third
Fisher, James, boot maker , Plum b Second and Third
Fisher, John, stone cutter , r Second below Convent
Fisher, Catharine, washerwoman , c Sixth and Myrtle
Filley, O. D., tin manufacturer , 141 nnorth First: rresidence 87 Olive
Fife, Samuel, deputy sheriff , r c Fifth and Olive
Finney, Lee & Co.Company , grocers and commiss.commission merchants , 70 nnorth Front
Finneys & Dory , City Brewery , Cherry b Second and Broadway
Finney, William, (F., L. & Co ) c Fifth and Washington avavenue
Finney, John, (F. L. & Co.Company ) c Fifth and Washington avavenue
Finney, John, cooper , 123 nnorth Sixth
Finney, Thomas, laborer , Ninth b Washington avavenue and At. Chas.
Fishback, Mrs., fashionable milliner and dress amker , 86 nnorth Second
FishbackMrs., widow, Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Fielder, S., agent of the Kenawha Salt Works , 127 nnorth Second;
rresidence 110 Locust
Field, Stephen, c Sixth and Biddle
Field, James M., cabinet maker , r 60 Locust
Fieldman, George, boatman , 30 Greene
Filbure, Joseph R., c Fifth and Franklin avavenue
Fitzgerald, Patrick, stone mason , r Cincinnati Row, Sixth
Finley, James, carpenter , 79 nnorth Sixth
Fiddler, Henry, tailor , r Alley b Eighth and Ninth above Wash
Fitz, Patrick, plasterer , Ninth b Washington avavenue ande Greene
Fittz C. D. & Co.Company , upholsterers , c Second and Vine
Fitz, Jacob, cooper , c First and Elm
Fix, Jacob, cooper , Front b Elm and Myrtle
Fiat, George, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Fink, Waldman, boarding-housa , 65 ssouth Second
Fillis, Thomas, carpeneter , r Second b Lombard and Hazel
Florez, B., grocer , 31 1/2 nnorth Front
Florez, M., tobacconist , c Second and Poplar