Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
St. Louis Directory. 21 FLA-FRA
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Flateau, Isaac, merchant , 36 nnorth Front
Floteau, Francis, r Alley b Eighth and Ninth above Wash
Flin, Michael, drayman , Cincinnati Row, Sixth
Flootron, Simon, silversmith , r Ninth b Franklin avavenue and Carr
Fledrist & Fleherpe , druggists and apothecaries , 76 ssouth Second
Flood, Patrick, boarding house , Nonth b Morgan and Greene
Flemar, Bernard, Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Fleischman, Mrs.Eliza K., boarding-house , 32 ssouth Second
Floar, Mary, col’dcolored widow , c Second and Cedar
Fletcher, Willaim, col’dcolored boatman , Sixth below Spruce
Foster, John, blacksmith , 103 nnorth Front
Foster, Miss, fashionable milliner , Fourth above Morgan
Foster & Shaw , publishers of the Daily Pennant , office 54 nnorth First
Foster, John, smith and finisher , r 39 Laurel
Foster, Joseph, house carpenter , r 105 Spruce c Second
Fox & Kruntler, boarding-house , 250 nnorth First
Forbes A. & L. , fancy store , 60 nnorth First
Forbes, I., dentist , 34 nnorth Second
Forbes, Mrs. widow, Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Forbes, Charles, blacksmith , r Greene b Eighth and Ninth
Ford, E., boot and shoe maker , 96 nnorth Second
Ford, Charles, blacksmith , c Second and Oak
Fouks, Richard, bricklayer , r c Sixth and Carr
Fountain Inn , by Louis, Zendel, c Sixth and Chesnut
Fontaine, Felix, r 70 ssouth Third
Fowzer, James, general agent for periodicals and newspapers ,
3 nnorth Second
Fogg, C. chandler, r Alley b Eighth and Ninth, ababove Franklin avavenue
Fourman, Richard, blacksmith , r 97 Chesnut
Fowler, Robert, carpenter , r 54 Oak
Fowler, Benjamin, pilot , r St. Charles b Sicth and Seventh
Foly, Thomas, boarding house , Collins
Fouche, Francis, house builder , r c Washington avavenue and Fifth
Foyle, Casper, baker , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Foulks & Shaw , segar and tobacco store , 42 ssouth First
Foulks, Cristopher, tobacconist , r 36 ssouth Third
Foultz, John, cooper , r 32 Elm
Fowlstick, H., basket maker , r s Second b Spruce and Almond
Forkay, Charles, Third b Mulberry and Lombard
Forester, Henry, female seminary , Sixth b Market and Walnut
Forester, Stephen, carpenterr Alley rear Seventh c Market
Founderhider, Charles, tailor , r 58 Myrtle
Franciscus & Co.Company , exchange brokers , 90 nnorth First
Franisco, John, carpenter , n Sixth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Fressman, T. H., repairer and tuner of pianofortes , 77 nnorth Second
Frontier House , by John, Garcia, 121 nnorth Second c Laurel
Frost, Mrs. widow, 98 Market
Firtz, Lawrence, laborer , c English and Wash
Franklin House , by William, Tithe, Olive b Front and First
Franklin House , by Gray, , 28 Locust