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22 St. Louis Directory. FRE-GET
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Freisey, L., chandler , c Second and Cherry
Freeman, William, carpenter , Second above Cherry
Franz, T., tailor , Olive b Front and First
Frasier, W., carpenter , r Collins
Fraker, Frank, laborer , 39 St. Charles
Freiesleben, Julius, Yarn store , 60 ssouth Second
Francis, F., pilot , r Second b Lombard and Hazel
Froint, William, carpenter , r Alley b Fourth and Fifth
Frump, Frederick, laborer , Fifth b Poplar and Plum
Frothingham, George H., 9 ssouth Seventh
Frank, Kreling & Co.Company , bakers , Spruce b Fourth and Fifth
Fray, E. P., boot maker , Spruce b Second and Third
Fry, Charles, boatman , c Front and Cedar
Furgason, Mrs., boarding-house , 13 nnorth Third
Furgason, John H., carpenter , r 136 Market
FurgyMrs., widow, Fifth above Franklin avavenue
Fuller, O. S., barkeeper , c Sixth and Wash
Funk, Adam, carpenter , 78 Greene
Gay, Glasgow & Co.Company , commission and forwarding merchants , 5]
nnorth Front
Gay, J. H., (G., Glasgow & Co.Company ) c Fourth and Myrtle
Gaty, Coonce & Glasby , foundry and steam engine manufacto-
ry , 210 nnorth First
Gazette Office , 97 nnorth First
Galloway, Gideon G., printer , Gazette office; rresidence 6 ssouth Fourth
Gamble & Walker , attorneys at-law , 38 nnorth Second
Gamble, H. R., attorney-at law , r c Seventh and Chesnut
Gamble, Joseph, clerk Circuit Court , office 7 ssouth Fourth
Garden, T., painter , r Market b Seventh and Eighth
Gannan, George, clerk , r c Seventh and Olive
Garrison, Cornelius, (C. K. & O. G. Garrison ,) c Eighth and St.
Garrison, O. G., do. do
Garrison C. K. & O. G. , plaining machine , Eighth b Washing-
ton avavenue and St Charles
Garrett, Peter, carpenter , r First b Plum and Cedar
Garvey, Cristopher, justice of the peace and notary public , of-
fice 39 Laurel; rresidence Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Gamble, Thomas, exchange office , r 43 Chesnut
Gantt, Thomas T., attorney at-law , office 38 Chesnut
Ganty, John A., carpenter , r 61 Olive
Gallagher, Edward, pedlar , r 27 Greene
Galbraith, Samuel, drayman , Alley rear Cincinnati Row, Sixth
Galvan, Dennis, chandler , c First and Plum
Garnier, J. V., notary , r 22 ssouth Seventh
Gardener, Joseph, baker , r 48 1/2 Elm
Gaisel & Voge , cabinet makers , 112 nnorth First
Geyer, H. S., attorney-at law , office 12 nnorth Second
Geter, L., carpenter , r c Seventh and Franklin avavenue