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26 St. Louis Directory. HAU-HEN
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Haus, John, carpenter , r Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Hass, Frank, shoemaker , r Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Hahn, Andrew, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Harr, A., laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Harris, Jno., cook , r c Ninth and Franklin avavenue
Haskins, Joseph, carpenter , r Wash b Eighth and Ninth
Hamell S. & J. , family grocery , 66 ssouth Second
Hamis, George, laborer , Second b Lombard and Hazel
Haiden, C., carpenter , r 88 ssouth Second
Harris, Polly, washerwoman , 114 ssouth Second
Hallam, G., col’dcolored barber , c Third and Almond
Hafkemeyer, J. Conrad, schoolmaster , r 114 ssouth Third
Harneish, Godfrey, shoemaker , r 169 ssouth Third
Harmon, Frederick, family grocery , c Fourth and Almond
Halderman, Albert, carpenter , r c Fifth and Almond
HarnbiggarMrs., widow, c Fifth and Cedar
Hard, Samuel, laborer , c Ninth and Walnut
Hartshorn, Wm.William, lumber and wood yard , c Front and Walnut ;
r c Second and Elm
HazletMrs., widow, r 52 Myrtle
Hartge, William, blacksmith , Plum b Second and Third
Hagar, , col’dcolored washerwoman , Cedar b Third and Fourth
Hamfler, George, laborer , Studley’s Row, Convent
Hendry Charles F. & Co.Company , dealers in saddlery hardware, etc. , 32
Herget, Endy, boarding house , 105 nnorth Front
Heller, N., printer , 97 nnorth First
Heller, John, r 27 Myrtle
Heggarty & Dow , blacksmiths , 156 nnorth Second
Hedges, Isaac, r c Seventh and Morgan
Hedges, Jane, seamstress , 68 nnorth Third
HedgesMrs.T., widow, 17 Greene
Heskel, Frederick, laborer , c Fifth and Franklin avavenue
Head, John, cook , r 58 nnorth Sixth
Heisterhagen & Valentine , importers and dealers in foreign and
domestic goods , 19 Market
Hellins, R., col’dcolored barber , shop 39 Market
Hessy & Miller , painters , 73 Market
Hessy, William, (H. & Miller ,) r 113 Elm
Heeman, Frederick, boarding-house , 30 Olive
Henry, Dr.J., r and office 20 Locustp
Henry, E., col’dcolored boatman , r Wash b Eighth and Ninth
Henri, John, laborer , r Seventh below Chouteau avavenue
Heiderman, Harmon, laborer , 60 Oak
Heshner, Henry, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Heitkamp, Joseph, family grocery , Franklin avavenue b Eighth & Ninth
HewsonMrs., widow, r Tenth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Henderson, Lucinda, col’dcolored washerwoman , Franklin avavenue b Eighth
and Ninth
Henderson, G., drygoods merchant , 43 ssouth First