Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
St. Louis Directory. 27 HEA-HOB
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Head Quarters , bar-room , c Olive and Third, Theatre building
Henrich, H., boot maker , Second b Lombard and Hazel
Heimlick, Cristopher, lucifer match manufacturer , Poplar b Se-
cond and Third
Herr, Frederick, laborer , c First and Almond
Herthel, N., tobacco manufacturer , 49 ssouth First
Henburgh, George, watchmaker , 49 ssouth Second
Hermon, N. L., barber , 62 ssouth Second
Heitz, Francis, c Second and Spruce
Heintz, P. H., boot maker , Plum b Second and Third
Hensy, Michael, stone manson , r Second b Mulberry and Cedar
Hensey & Cavaner , coopers , 4 Myrtle
Hensey, Patrick, r 7 Myrtle
Hebert, Michael, plasterer , r Fifth b Plum and Cedar
Hellinghaus, Frederick, gunsmith , r 92 E m
Hill & Lockwood , grocers and commission merchants , 77 and 78
nnorth Front
Hill, David B., lumber yard , c Third and Pine; r c Third and Elm
Hill, Capt.Captain , r 41 Laurel
Higgens, John, carpenter , r Ninth above Franklin avavenue
Hinkel, Joseph, tailor , 256 nnorth First
Hingle, John, gunsmith , r Walnut b Third and Fourth
Higgins, John, ship carpenter , Eighth b Walnut and Carr
Hines, Henry, blacksmith , 68 Olive
Hibbard, John, tailor , r Seventh b Franlin avavenue and Carr
Hicks, J. C., painter , r 75 ssouth Third
Hicks, Elias, boarding-house , 34 Spruce
Hilliard, Joseph, boarding house , Plum b Second and Third
Hilgenbery, E., tassel manufacturer , c Third and Myrtle
Hovey, E., merchant , 28 nnorth Front
How, John, leather store , 39 nnorth Front
How, Dr., office c Fourth and Pine
How, John, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Holcomb, William, merchant , 67 nnorth Front
Hoff, Antoine, grocer , 80 nnorth Front
Holland, C., exchange office , 120 nnorth First
Holland, Henry K., office 6 Olive
Hood & Abbott , wholesale dealers in boots and shoes , 116 nnorth First
Hough, D., r Olive b Sixth and Seventh
Holdbrook, David L., (D. L. H. & Co.Company , properties Even’g Gazette ,)
75 nnorth Fourth
Houlihan, H., boarding house , Broadway above Morgan
Hoffman, H. L., wholesale and retail druggist , 3 nnorth First
Hoffman, H., L., oil and grist mill , First b Cedar and Mulberry
Hoffman & Brother , weavers and dyers , 51 ssouth Second
Homer, Catharine, washerwoman , r 67 nnorth Second
Hobein, H., shoemaker , 145 nnorth Second
Houiy, John, tavern , 147 nnorth Second
Hobeman, T., carpenter , r 146 nnorth First
Hobeck, Nicholas, carpenter , r Eighth b Wash and Carr