Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
St. Louis Directory. 29 HUM-JAC
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Humbert, John J., upholsterer , 43 Market
Huth, C. H., family grocery , 55 Market
Huth, Charles, grocer , r 11 ssouth Third
Huddleson, William, pilot , c Seveth and Wash
Huddleson, Roland, carpenter , r Seventh b Wash and Carr
Humphreys, Edward, plasterer , r Seventh b Wash and Carr
Huhn, Austin, carpenter , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Hutman, Carl, carpenter , r Alley b Eighth and Ninth, above
Franklin avavenue
Hunton, D., attorney-at law , office Chesnut b First and Second
Hunton, Logan D., r Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Hudson, Thomas B., attorney-at law , office 17 Olive
Huslace, H. G., gunsmith , r Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
HunterRosanna, widow, c Fifth and Cedar
Hutsler, Albert, laborer , Spruce b First and Second
Hurack, Joseph, butcher , r Cedar b Second and Third
Hurley, John, r Hazel b Second and Third
Hyde, Samuel T., merchant , r 150 Market
Hyde, George A., notary public and justice of the peace , office
Laurel b First and Second
Hyde, Edward, pedler , r Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Ideman, Thomas, shoemaker , r Alley b Eighth and Ninth above
Ideman, Conrad, shoemaker , r Ninth above Franklin avavenue
Impey, Francis, r Seventh b Chesnut and Pine
Inglot, J., blacksmith , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Indian Queen Coffee-house , by John, Shannon, 28 ssouth Second
Iredell, Jeffery, col’dcolored barber , r First b Poplar and Almond
Irwin, Oliver, brick maker , r Fifth below Convent
Isaac, James, col’dcolored blacksmith , c Third and Almond
Iwick, Nicholas, city guard , r Fourth b Myrtle and Almond
Ives, Morris, carriage maker , 88 nnorth Third
Jarrett & Ferguson , queensware merchants , 50 nnorth Front
Jarrett, G. W. (J. & Ferguson ,) 45 Locust
Jacks, Samuel, tailor , 54 nnorth Front
Jacks & Lyons , merchant tailors , 41 nnorth First
Jackle, Christian, r Ninth b Franklin avavenue and Carr
Jackson, Thomas, hardware merchant , 178 nnorth First
Jackson, Samuel, stone cutter , r Second b Cherry and Oak
Jackson, Charles, [col’dcolored ] Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Jackson, T., col’dcolored laborer , 105 Myrtle
Jayne & Pancoast , dryggists , 138 nnorth First
Janney N. E. & Co.Company , wholesale dealers in china, glass and queens-
ware , 80 nnorth First
Janney, N. E. (N. E. J & Co.Company ) c Eighth and Locust
Haccard & Co.Company , importers and manufacturers of clocks and jew-
ellery , 40 nnorth First
Jaccard, Eugene, (Jaccard & Co.Company ) 113 ssouth Third