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30 St. Louis Directory. JAS-KAY
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Jaszynski, Ludwick, lottery office , 33 nnorth First
Jaszynski, T. J. (Stettinius & J. ) Sixth near Franklin avavenue
Jamison J. L. & A. G. , family grocery , 67 Market
Jabou, Joseph, 187 ssouth Third
Jeffery, James, merchant , 52 nnorth First; rresidence 46 ssouth Fifth
Jafery, Jacob, miller , r Third b Spruce and Almond
Jenkins, Frederick, office with Mathews & Lisle, Second above [Cherry
Jenkins, Edward, 61 ssouth Third
Jenkins, Isabella, fancy seamstress , Sixth next to the c of Greene
Jefferson, Mrs., fancy milliner , 47 nnorth Sixth
Jeter, William S., carpenter , r Fifth b Wash and Carr
Jerard, J. B., wagon maker , 76 Locust
Jensen, P., boot maker , Vine b Second and Third
Jeanneret, Mrs., milliner and dres maker , 61 ssouth First
Jessar, Frederick L., family grocery , c Second and Plum
Jones, Bacon & Co.Company , wholesale druggists , 150 nnorth First
Jones, Clark & Gill , clothing merchants , 15 and 67 nnorth First
Jones, Francis, (J., Clark & Gill ,) 25 nnorth Third
Jones, Joseph, bricklayer , r Market b Ninth and Tenth
Jones, Henry, col’dcolored boatman , Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Johnson, William S., merchant , 134 nnorth First
Johnston, John, family grocery and provision store , c Broadway
and Oak
Johnson, J. E., druggist , c Market and Third
Johnson, J. D., attoiney-at-law and clerk Criminal Court , r 12 nnorth
Sixth; office Court-house
Johnson, George, col’dcolored barber , 61 Market
Johnson, J. W., r 137 Market
Johnson, Andrew, carpenter , r Eighth b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Johnson, James, carpenter , r Washington avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Johnson & Clamorgan , family grocery , c Third and Poplar
Johnson, William, (J. & Clamorgam ,) c Fourth and Poplar
Johnson, Marry, col’dcolored washerwoman , Sixth below Spruce
Johnson, Isabella, [col’dcolored ,] 142 Walnut
Johnson, Catharine, [col’dcolored ,] 27 Myrtle
Johnson, John, pilot , r Almond b Second and Third
Johnstone, Dreyer & Trowbridge , auctioneers and commission
merchants , 78 and 91 nnorth First
Johnstone, Peter W. (J., Dreyer & Trowbridge ,) c Myrtle and
Joseph, Peter, house of refreshment , 5 nnorth Second
Jordan, Thomas, carpenter , r 64 Olive
Jordan & Whitehill , house carpenters , c Fourth and Olive
Josephs, Moses, lottery office , 41 nnorth First
Johns, Robert, maulster , r n Second above Cherry
Junia, B., laborer , 59 Third c Myrtle
Judy, Clarissa, col’dcolored washerwoman , Almond b Second and Third
Kayser, Alexander, street commissioner , office 5 nnorth Fourth
Kayser, Henry, city engineer , office 5 nnorth Fourth