Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
32 St. Louis Directory. KEN-KRA
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Kennedy, Reuben, teamster , Fourth b Plum and Cedar
Kennedy, W., boatman , Sixth below Spruce
KennedyMrs., widow, Second below Almond
Keck, Martin, Laborer , Second below Convent
Keyes, Robert, pilot , r Alley rear Fifth, below Convent
Kern, John, wagon maker and blacksmith , Spruce b Second and
Kingslands & Lightner , manufacturers of steam engines, ma-
chinery, stoves, etc. , 35 nnorth Front
Kingslands & Lightner , new foundry , c Broadway and Biddle
Kingsland, George, (K. & Lightner ,) r Collins
Kimball & Allen , merchants , 108 nnorth First
Kimball, A. S., carpenter , Oak b Second and Third
Kimm & Tewes , importers of German goods , 15 Market
King, J. B., attorney-at-law , 58 nnorth Second
King, William, (Warburton & K. ) Fifth b Market and Chesnut
King, Ferdinand, tailor , r 29 Elm
King, George, boot maker , 29 Elm
King, John, laborer , Alley b Fourth and Fifth below Myrtle
Kinney, John, laborer , Boradway above Cherry
Kilpatrick, George, laborer , n Sixth, Cincinnati row
Kipvel, John, brass founder , r Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Kinneyman, Wm.William, boarding-house , Morgan b Third and Fourth
Kieselhurst, John, cabinet maker , r Alley b Fourth and Fifth,
above Cedar
Kick, Charles, at the Delphi, c Second and Olive
Klots, Frederick, tailor , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Klaen, Peter, brickmaker , r First b Plum and Cedar
Klein, Joseph, clerk , r Fourth b Poplar and Almond
Klein, M., tailor , 181 1/2 nnorth First
Knight, Mrs., seamstress , 260 nnorth First
Knecht, Peter, grocer , c First and Myrtle
Knecht, N., boarding-house, and grinder and repairer of razors
, etc. , s Second near junction with Third
Knox, Reuben, merchant , 150 nnorth First
Knox, T., school teacher , Fifth b Wash and Carr
Knox, T. M., attorney-at-law , office 22 1/2 Pine
Knox, Gen.General A., attorney-at-law , office 26 Olive
KnoxFranklin, M. D. ,, office and rresidence 100 Third c Vine
Knox, John, stone cutter , r Alley rear Fifth below Convent
Knapp, George, (chambers, K. & Co.Company ) 45 nnorth First
Knapp & Shea , merchant tailors , 39 nnorth First
Kneedler, Jacob, bricklayer , r Alley rear Fifth below Convent
Kneedler, Gideon, plasterer , r Alley rear Fifth below Convent
Knor, C., brush maker , r Fifth below Convent
Koken, V., boarding-house , 93 nnorth Front
Koch, Albert, proprietor Museum , c Market and Second
Koch, Henry, watchmaker , r 65 Mulberry
Koch, Mrs.H., midwife , 65 Mulberry
Kraft, Antoine, cabinet maker , r Broadway above Cherry