Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
34 St. Louis Directory. LAV-LEW
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Laverty, Jessy, 165 Walnut
Laverty, Casiah, col’dcolored washerwoman , Mulberry b First and 2nd
Landerville, Mrs.R., c First and Locust
Lapierre, P., boot and shoemaker , 33 Vine
Laparc, Philip, 159 ssouth Second
Lawson, T., plumber and sheet lead manufacturer , Plum b Se-
cond and Third
Lawson, Charles, tinner , r 71 Greene
Lary, Michael, fruit store , Oak b Front and First
Lawler, William, watchmaker , r 71 Greene
Lamoureux & Blanchard , grocers and drygoods merchants , 27 ssouth
Lacoutieur, Mrs.R., Second b Almond and Popular
Latham, John, Eagle Brewery , 161 ssouth Second
LarontMrs., widow, Seond b Hazel and Sycamore
Laroux, C., carpenter , r 44 ssouth Third
La France, Francis, 61 ssouth Third
Lapier, Peter, shoemaker , r 63 ssouth Third
Latresse, Edward, painter , r 73 ssouth Third
Latresse, John, painter , 77 ssouth Third
LallimierJulia, widow, Third b Convent and Mulberry
Langley, Thomas, baker , r 189 ssouth Second
Laveille, Joseph C., lumber yard , c Fifth and Walnut
Lacount, Judy, col’dcolored washerwoman , Alley rear Fifth ababove Cedar
Lackey, Hugh, collector , r Fifth below Convent
Lassure, T., carpenter , r Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Large, Henry, laborer , Walnut b Eighth and Ninth
Latrace, John, tobacconist , r 70 Spruce
Lateur, Peter, carpenter , r Poplar b First and Second
La Point, M., r c Mulberry and First
Laighton, Joseph, cabinet maker , 48 Elm
Lancaster, Aaron, cabinet maker , Eighth b Carr and Biddle
Levy J. & Co.Company , merchants , 31 nnorth Front
Levi, Joseph, merchant , 37 nnorth First
Levi, S. J., merchant, 164 nnorth First
Lee, Thomas, baker, rear Finney , Lee & Co.Company , 70 nnorth Front
Lee & Strom , ornamental painters , c Second and Pine
Lee, Mrs.C. M., female seminary , 71 nnorth Fourth
Lee, Alexander, stone cutter , r Nintn b Franklin avavenue and Carr
Lee, William, book keeper , 49 Chesnut
Lee, Margaret, straw hat manufacturer , 49 Chesnut
Lee, Joseph, col’dcolored barber , c First and Oak
Lee, John, lumber yard , c Fourth and Franklin av.avenue rresidence next door
above on Fourth
Lee, Fanny, col’dcolored washerwoman , c Ninth and Biddle
Lee, Elliot, city marshal , r c First and Poplar
Lewis C. & T. , New York clothing store , 177 nnorth First
Lewis C. & Co.Company , hatters , 9 nnorth First
Lewis, Margeret, col’dcolored washerwoman , 63 nnorth Third