Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
38 St. Louis Directory. MAX-McA
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Maxwell, Henry, plasterer , 33 ssouth Fifth
Maxwell, Samuel, carpenter , Fifth b Plum and Cedar
Mayhem, William, confectioner , 15 nnorth Fourth
Mayhem, Mrs.Nicholasstudied midwife , c Fourth and Popular
Mahew, John, r Sixth b Myrtle and Spruce
Mansion House , by C. D.Walton, , c Fourth and Locust
Maigne, Henry, iron forger , Broadway above Cherry
Maigne, John C., 132 ssouth Second
Mayrath, Patrick, drayman , 187 nnorth Fifth
May, William D., tailor , r Sixth b Biddle and Carr
Malie, James, laborer , Sixth, Cincinnati row
Maclin, John, clerk , r 138 Market
Masters, Charles, tailor , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Mary, , col’dcolored washerwoman , 114 Chesnut
Marie, Peter, boot maker, Olive b Front and First
Maulay, Francis, city guard , 62 Olive
Mabray, Robert, carpenter , r 116 Olive
Mathews, Richard, laborer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Mathews, M., 30 Greene
MathewsMrs., widow, seamstress , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Mathews, William, druggist , r Third b Mulberry and Lombard
Mathews, Stewart, (M. & Lyle ,) 24 ssouth Fourth
Mathews & Lyle , house builders , 28 ssouth Fourth
Mathews & Mitchell , carpenters , c Fourth and Walnut
Mathews, Anderson, bricklayer , c First and Plum
Martay, J. R., Locust b Fourth and Fifth
Macartney, George, accountant , office 25 Locust
Macartney, Patrick, tailor , Carr b Seventh and Eighth
Makin, James, stamp and brand manufacturer , Oak b Second
and Third
Marsock, M., shoemaker , c First and Cherry
Matlack, George, house carpenter , c Washington avavenue and Ninth
Mackinder, Edward, jeweller , r Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Mackwit, J. H., laborer , Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Mann, John, shoemaker , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Malinda, , col’dcolored washerwoman , First b Plum and Poplar
Marder, Martise, r Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Mattis, Thomas, laborer , c Second and Spruce
Margerron, Philip, family grocery . 100 ssouth Second
Massie, David, 37 ssouth Third
Mahon, Cornelius, fruit stand , r 78 ssouth Third
Martinez, Margaret, [Indian woman ,] Fourth b Cedar and Plum
Massot, Joseph, wholesale grocer , r Fourth b Cedar and Mulberry
Mauro, P., principal of ladies’ academy , 7 ssouth Fifth
Mattox, T. R., plasterer , (M. & Dill ,) 105 Myrtle
Mattox, Thomas H., plasterer , r Alley rear Fifth, b Poplar and
Maginnis, M., sexton of Cathedral , Mulberry b Third and Fourth
Mader, John, boarding house , c First and Elm
McAdams, J., boot and shoemaker , 30 Greene