Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
4 St. Louis Directory. BAO-BER
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Baohmer, John J., tailor , r Alley b Eighth and Ninth, b Wash
and Carr
Barclay, Joseph, city guard, rresidence 34 Pine
Barclay, A., carpenter , r Oak b Second and Third
Barclay, A. W., carpenter , r Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Barry, James B., boatman , r Louisiana Coffeehouse
Barry, James, chandler , 97 ssouth Main
Barry, John, blacksmith , r c Main and Spruce
Barnage, John, plasterer , r c Ninth and St. Charles
Bages, Frederick, drayman , r Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
BastionMrs.—, widow, r 76 ssouth Third
Barnen, John, laborer , Cedar b Fifth and Sixth
BairdMrs.—, widow, r Alley rear Seventh, and b Elm and
Berthold, Tesson & Co.Company , grocers and commission merchants , 26
nnorth Front
Berthold — , (B., Tesson & Co.Company ) c Pine and Fifth
Becherer, M., boarding-house , 94 nnorth Front
Beach & Co.Company , merchants , 147 nnorth Main
Betts & Co.Company , cabinet warehouse and upholstery , 139 nnorth Main
Betts, John, cabinet maker’s shop , 158 nnorth Second
Betts, J. (J. B. & Co.Company ) c Fourth and Franklin avavenue
Betts, Robert (of the Iron Foundary ,)r Collins
Beltzhoover & Robb , manufacturers of hats and caps , 87 nnorth Main
Beltzhoover, Frederick, (B. & Robb ,) 115 Elm
Benoist L. A. & Co.Company , bankers and exchange brokers , 75 nnorth Main
Benoist, Louis A. (L. A. B. & Co.Company )c Eighth and Pine
Benoist, Ellen, [col’dcolored ] Almond b Second and Third
Beirne, T., attorney-at-law , 38 nnorth Second
Bent, John, Circuit Attorney , office 9 nnorth Fourth; rresidence 27 ssouth Fifth
Berry, Mrs.—, Broadway above Morgan
Bertrand, Matilda, 57 nnorth Fifth
Beekman, G. T., carpenter , r 183 nnorth Fifth
Beekman, Frederick, laborer , c Main and Almond
Benjamin, Henry, storekeeper , r 30 nnorth Sixth
Bersch, J., wheelwright , 27 nnorth Sixth
Beeker, F. S., clerk , 20 Market
Beakey, John, (Andrews & B. ) 81 Market
Bennett, Anthony, stone mason , c Eighth and Franklin avavenue
Bennett, Miss—, tailoress , Ninth above Franklin avavenue
Bever, Frederick, laborer , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Berbage, Casper, grocer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Beatty, Mrs., 44 Olive
Beatty, A. T., Carr b Sixth and Seventh
Beauvais, R., silversmith , 34 Locust
Beatty & McDowell , drygoods and grocery merchants , 10 Mar-
ket square
Beaumont & Sykes , physicians , office 8 Vine
Bernard J. & O. , drygoods merchants , 149 nnorth Main
BernardJoseph, (J. & O. B. )Washington avavenue b Fifth and Sixth