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St. Louis Directory. 41 MER-MIS
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Merryman, Charles, carpenter , r Biddle b Seventh and Eighth
Mengis, William, tailor , r 159 ssouth Second
Mexker, R., laborer , Fourth b Myrtle and Almond
Merry, Samuel, receiver of public money of the district of St. Louis , r
and office Fifth b Almond and Poplar
Merrit, William H., cabinet maker , r Alley rear Fifth above Cedar
Meeler, Jacob, shoemaker , r Sixth below Spruce
Meier, Thomas, J., hardware merchant , 98 nnorth First
Mears, H. H., day school , c Fourth and Elm
Meyers, D. L., professor of music , 37 Spruce
Mead & Adriance , jewellers and watchmakers , 49 nnorth First
Metten & Muller , watchmakers and jewellers , 85 nnorth First
Mellen, John, grocer , Plum b Front and First
Mellen, Mrs.John, dress maker , Plum b Front and First
Mending, J., boot and shoe maker , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Mifflin, Henry, constable , r Spruce b Second and Third
Milburn, Gen.General William, surveyor general , office 149 ssouth Second; rresidence 147
ssouth Second
Milligan, John, grocer , 60 nnorth Front
Milligan, Edward, clerk in the post-office , 32 Spruce
Miller, Joseph, boarding-house , 89 nnorth Front
Miller, Andersonjr.junior , 79 nnorth First
Miller, John, segar store , 46 nnorth First
Miller, Mrs.Julia A., milliner , 94 nnorth Second
Miller, Henry, tailor , Second above Cherry
Miller, Kits, city watch , 167 nnorth Fourth
Miller, A. J., r Broadway above Morgan
Miller, — —, col’dcolored washerwoman , Market b Seventh and Eighth
Miller & Kinzpeter , saddlers and harness makers , 53 ssouth Second
Miller, John G., bricklayer , Second b Lombard and Hazel
Miller, Charles, saddler , r c Third and Myrtle
Miller, Nicholas, carpenter , r Alley rear Fifth below Convent
Missouri Hotel , by Webb & Billings , 194 nnorth First
Missouri Mutual Insurance Company , 101 nnorth First
Missouri Insurance Company , 67 nnorth First
Missouri Republican Printing Office , (Chambers, Knapp & Co.Company , pro-
prietors ,) 45 nnorth First
Missouri Argus Printing Office , (Abel RathboneCorbin, , proprietor ,)
c First and Olive
Mier, Caspar, laborer , Second b Spruce and Almond
Mier Adolphus & Co.Company , hardware merchants , 23 nnorth First
Mills, James, boatman , 67 nnorth Second
Mills, A. L., 30 Chesnut; rresidence 121 Market
Miles, John, carman , r Fifth below Mulberry
Milihan, Daniel, laborer , c Second and Cherry
Mindsling, Conrad, watchmaker , r Seventh b Spruce and Almond
Milley, , col’dcolored washerwoman , 87 nnorth Third
Minard, Rev.Reverend P., pastor of the Episcopal Mission Church , r Fifth above
Mink, Philip, confectioner , 22 nnorth Sixth
Miltenbergr, P., intelligence office , 30 Chesnut
Minewalt, — —, barkeeper , r 106 Pine
Mississippi Retreat , by E.Lester, , Oak b Frond and First
Miscall, John A., carpenter , Greene b Sixth and Seventh.