Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
44 St. Louis Directory. NAV-O'CO
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Naver, John, carpenter , r 32 ssouth Sixth
Nash, Louis, boatman , Third b Mulberry and Lombard
Nash, Catharine, col’dcolored washerwoman , Fifth a Almond and Spruce
Nash, Benjamin, col’dcolored drayman , c Sixty and Myrtle
Newman, Jonas, grocer and commission merchant , 42 nnorth Front
Newman, William, cabinet maker , 43 Market
Newman, J., baker , Vine b Second and Third
Newberger, M., clothing store , 144 nnorth First
Newberger, Mark, merchant , 461/2 nnorth Front
New Market , Third b Greene and Morgan
New Foundry , Kingslands & Lightner , Broadway above Cherry
New Green Thee , by JohnElbe, , 152 ssouth Second
New Market , Fifth opposite Convent
Nelson, W. H., boot and shoemaker , 90 Market
Nelson, T. S., attorney-at-law , Irish agency office, 39 Pine
Newberry, Henry, carpenter , r 142 nnorth Fourth
NeahmerMrs.Frederick, widow, c Fourth and Morgan
Neman, Guy, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Neil, Joseph, 138 Walnut
Newland, L., r Poplar b Third and Fourth
Nielson, M. M., boarding-house , 230 nnorth First
Nielson, Thomas, pilot , Poplar b Second and First
Nicholas, J., gardener , r Eighth b Wash and Carr
Nicholas, N., wholesale and retail druggist , 8 ssouth First
Niemann, Frederick, shoemaker , 86 ssouth Second
Niemayer, Frederick, laborer , Fifth below Convent
Niemayer, John, bell-hanger , r Alley rear Seventh b Walnut and
Niceny, , col’dcolored washerwoman , First b Poplar and Plum
Noseda, Charles, grocery , 183 nnorth First
Noyes, John P., r Seventh b Wash and Carr
Noel, Andrew, laborer , c Eight and Wash
Noltman, Henry, foundry hand , Alley rear Cincinnati row, Sixth
Nutsinger, Jacob, stone cutter , r 60 ssouth First
Nurse, Gilbert, r Collins
Nully, T. W., carpenter , r Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Null, Phillip, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eight and Ninth
Oakley, Van Allen & Co.Company , hardware merchants , 134 nnorth First
Oakford A. & Co.Company , fancy store , 82 nnorth First
O’Brian, John, laborer , c Second and Cherry
O’Brian, William, laborer , Cincinnati row, Sixth
O’Brian, D., boarding-house , 76 Prune
O’Brian, Patrick, boarding-house , Greene, b Fifth and Sixth
O’Brian, H, r Greene b Fifth and Sixth
O’Brian, Bartholomew, carpenter , r Fifth below Convent
O’Blenis, Robert, livery stable , 50 Chesnut; rresidence 15 nnorth Third
O’Blenis, John, 7 Market
O’Conner, Samuel, blackmith , 51 nnorth Fourth
O’Conner, Thomas, r 66 St. Charles