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46 St. Louis Directory. PAP-PEC
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Papin H. & T. , confectioners , 44 nnorth First
Papin, Mdme., c Second and Pine
PapinAlexander, jr.junior , c First and Locust
Page, D. D., flour mill , Front b Walnut and Elm
Page, D. D., bakery , 22 ssouth First
Page, Samuel, grocer and drygoods merchant , c First and Walnut
Parker, A. M., col’dcolored drayman , Second above Cherry
Parker, John, bricklayer , 52 Morgan
ParkAnne, widow, Alley rear Seventh b Walnut and Elm
Packard, G. H., (P. & Holton ,) Fifth b Wash and Carr
Packard & Holton , forwarding and commission merchants, and
boat stores , 1 Laurel c Front
Paschall & Ramsey , New Era printing office , Chesnut b Front
and First
Pasquer, Mrs.E., 91 Olive
Paymaster’s Office U. S. A. , (Maj.Major Stewart, ,) Laurel b Second [and Third
Patch, George, clerk , r 51 St. Charles
Pastuer, Mrs.Mary, boarding-house , 30 ssouth First
Patriot Coffee-house , by — Vacharesa , 175 ssouth Second
Papay, Mary, [col’dcolored ] Third b Lombard and Sycamore
Parsons, John, 5 ssouth Fourth
Paul, René, 88 Elm
Pagit, John, blacksmith , r 116 Olive
Palo, T. S., teacher of French and Spanish , 38 Chesnut
Padfield, Jacob, col’dcolored laborer , c Ninth and Carr
Pease J. S. & Co.Company , dealers in hardware and cutlery , 20 nnorth First
Pease, J. S., (J. S. P. & Co.Company ,) Fourth b Cedar and Plum
Perrins, Mrs., fancy dress and millinery store , 46 Market
Peers, V. J., boarding-house , 152 nnorth First
Pescell, Nathaniel, market watchman , r 74 Market
Peacock, J. S., clerk , r 92 nnorth Second
Peets, S. G., boarding-house , 11 nnorth Fourth
Petsu, F., carpenter , r 56 nnorth Sixth
Pembadge, David, boarding-house , Broadway above Morgan
Penrod, John, pilot , Sixth b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Perry, John, 84 nnorth Sixth
Perry, Francis, col’dcolored boatman , Ninth b Wash and Carr
Perry, L. P., M. D. , r and office 29 Vine
Perry, J. B., tanner , c Front and Spruce
Perry, Mrs.S., c Fourth and Walnut
Pettit, Edward, coachman , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Pettus, Wm.William, (Collier & P. ,) St. Charles b Sixth and Seventh
Pelligen, Robert, tailor , r 25 Greene
Peters, Henry, carpenter , Biddle b Seventh and Eighth
Peters, Thomas, collecting agent and real estate broker , 18 Olive
Pennington, J. F., clerk , 5 nnorth Front
Peter, Philip, baker , c Fifth and Greene
PeterMrs.Thomas, widow, Plum b First and Second
Peckham, Edward, comb maker , r Alley rear Seventh b Wal-
nut and Elm