Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
48 St. Louis Directory. POC-PUR
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Pococke, William H., sign painter and glazier , r 7 nnorth Fourth
Portremo, Paul, r Seventh b Chesnut and Pine
Power, Thomas, laborer , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Powers, Edward, mate on steamboat , r c Seventh and Washing-
ton avavenue
Powers, James, boarding-house , 60 Locust
Powers, J., drayman . 111 Elm
Powers, James, comb maker , r 28 Elm
Porter, Samuel D., miller , r 47 St. Charles
Pole, Etian, musician , 61 Olive
Poatter, William, schoolmaster , 41 Morgan
Ponath, F. W., bootmaker , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Pothof, T., tailor , r Wash b Seventh and Eighth
Podista, Anthony, fruiterer , c First and Elm
Pomroy, Chester, brickyard , r Fifth b Almond and Poplar
Pratte, Bernard, (Mullikin & P. ,) 21 Chesnut
Price, Jeremiah, engineer and blacksmith , c Ashley and First
Price, E., 55 nnorth Sixth
Price, Conrad, laborer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Price, Margaret, col’dcolored washerwoman , c Sixth and Myrtle
Presbury, G. G.jr.junior , manager’s office of the Masonic Lottery , 76
First c Olive
Prather, J. V., M. D. , r 58 nnorth Second
Prather, Loyd, carpenter , r c Second and Hazel
Prescott, Wm, printer , r Southern House, c Second and Chesnut
Pritchet, Leeds, surgical instrument maker , c Broadway and
Protestant, Orphan Asylum, Seventh b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Prevost, Jos., (old sailor ,) Fifth b Washington avavenue and St. Charles
Primm, Wilson, attorney-at-law , office 42 Chesnut; rresidence 115 ssouth Se-
PrimmMrs.Peter, widow, 52 Elm
Primm & Tiernan , grocers and drygoods merchants , 141 Second
c Plum
Provost, N., clerk , r 100 ssouth Second
Provost, H. N., grocery , c Second and Lumber
Prohammer, Joseph, c Third and Sycamore
Provoncal, Mdme., 70 Spruce
Provenchere, Mdme., Second b Hazel and Sycamore
Putnum & Co.Company , hatters , 32 nnorth First
Putnam, Edward, (P. & Co.Company ,) Alley b Fifth and Sixth above Elm
Pullis C. & T. R. , blacksmiths , Sixth b Washington avavenue and
Pulte, N., M. D. , r 69 Market
Purvis, John, stone cutter , r Market b Seventh and Eighth
Purdy, J., carpenter , Chesnut b Third and Fourth
Purdy, James J., 64 Fourth b Spruce and Myrtle
Purfurst, Frederick, bootmaker , 76 ssouth Second; rresidence Myrtle b Second
and Third