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St. Louis Directory. 49 QUI-RIS
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Quigly, Thomas, carpenter , Broadway above Cherry
Quin, Thomas, blacksmith , r Eighth b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Quin, Francis, laborer , 66 Locust
Quirk, Edward, laborer , Cherry b First and Second
Quinette, Oliver, carpenter , r c Sixth and Washington avavenue
Quail, Conrad, wagon maker , Greene b Sixth and Seventh
Quisick, John, carman , r 71 Greene
Quast, J. F., shoemaker , Second b Lombard and Hazel
Quellmalz, C. G., bootmaker , Second below Convent
Quellmalz, Mrs., studied midwife , r Second below Convent
Quarter Master’s Office U. S. A. (Maj, Macree,) c Second and
Rasin H. H. & Co.Company (late Edwards, Rasin & Co.Company ) grocers, commis-
sion and forwarding merchants , 14 nnorth Front
Ranson, R. S., M. D. , office 173 1/2 nnorth First
Rayburn, Samuel S. (Bridge, R. & Co.Company ) Broadway above Cherry
Randolph, W. S., r Sixth b Myrtle and Spruce
Ratchford, John, excavater , 121 nnorth Fifth
Ratcliffe, G. Z., tobacconist , 77 Market
Ray, Jacob, drayman , 109 Pine
Rabourg & Schaffner , tanners and curriers , 35 ssouth First
Rasin, U., clerk , r 131 ssouth Third
Ranney, Nathan, 50 ssouth Fifth
Raynard, Adolph, clerk , r Alley rear Seventh c Walnut
Reily Philip & Co.Company , wholesale and retail grocers , 31 ssouth First
ReilyMrs.John P., widow, private boarding-house , 50 Elm
Reily, Thomas, tailor , 192 nnorth First
Reily, Seaton, carpenter , r 142 nnorth Fourth
Rentfew, John, foreman at the new foundry , r Fifth b Wash and
Reed, Joseph, silver plater , r 97 nnorth Sixth
Reed, Benjamin H., seedsman , 15 Market
Reed, James, coppersmith , 49 ssouth First
Recorder’s Office , (Gen.General J.Ruland, ,) c Fifth and Market
Renard, Hyacinthe, c Second and Locust
Renou, Miss, Broadway Cottage , Broadway above Cherry
Reynolds, Lewis E., carpenter , r Wash b Sixth and Seventh
Reister & Co.Company , wagon makers , c First and Poplar
Renshaw, William, secretary Citizens Insurance Company , r Al-
mond b Second and Third
Reyburn, Thos. G., grocer and commission merchant , 40 nnorth Front;
rresidence Collins
Rice, John, grocer , 47 nnorth Front; rresidence 69 nnorth Fourth
Rice, Columbus, laborer , Third below Convent
Risley, Alleyne & Co.Company , grocers and commission merchants , 67 nnorth
Risley, William, (R., Alleyne & Co.Company ) r 70 ssouth First
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