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St. Louis Directory. 5 BEL-BOY
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Belcour, John, c Main and Myrtle
Berger, Paul, grocer and drygoods merchant , c Plum and Second;
rresidence 167 ssouth Third
Bergois, Felix, carpenter , r Lombard b Second and Third
BeebeMrs.Sarah, widow, 59 ssouth Third c Myrtle
Beebe, Esther, col’dcolored washerwoman , 10 Elm
Benson, Henry, pedlar , Fifth below Mulberry
Beck, Christian, tailor , r Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Beth, Richard, shoemaker , r Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Bingly, M., grocer , c Market and Tenth
Bird, G. A., attorney-at-low , office 42 Chestnut
Bix, John, shoemaker , r Alley b Eighth and Ninth above Wash
Biggerstaff, Samuel, engineer , r s Second below Convent
Billon, C. P., counting house , 49 nnorth Front; rresidence 15 ssouth Second
Binger, Frederick, schoolmaster , Poplar b Second and Main
Bisher, Simeon, butcher , r Hazel b Second and Main
Bircher, Rudolph, physician and surgeon , 87 nnorth Main
Blaine, Tompkins & Barrett , grocers, forwarding and commis-
sion merchants , 25 nnorth Front
Blome, Bunhard, barding-house , 92 nnorth Front
Block, Jacob, merchant , 153 nnorth Main
Blow, Henry T., druggist , 47 nnorth Main
Blow, Peter E., wholesale drygoods merchant , 45 nnorth Main
Blair J. & J. L. , grocery and drygoods store , I Broadway
Blair, Montgomery, attorney-at-law , 27 Pine; rresidence Collins
Blackmore, William, Fifth b Wash ans Carr
Blackburn & Hall , family grocery , 53 Market
Blackburn, Joseph, boatman , r main b Plum and Cedar
Blackner, Godfrey, grocer , Main b Plum and Poplar
Blood, Capt.Captain S., 53 Myrtle
Blithe, John, laborer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Blattner, J., mathematical instrument maker , 24 Chesnut
Black, Frederick, tailor and scourer , Locust b Second and Third
Black, John, justice of the peace , c Main and Myrtle
Black, Samuel, (B. & Thomas ,) Walnut b Third and Fourth
Black & Thomas , livery stable , Walnut b Third and Fourth
Blew, Milly, col’dcolored washerwoman , Oak b Main and Second
BluntMrs., widow, 65 Greene
Blaes, Francis, 29 Elm
Blaetterman, A., bootmaker , 46 Elm
Bosbyshell, W., merchant , 36 nnorth Front
Bogert, John, Tontine Coffeehouse , 89 nnorth Main
Boyle & West , merchant tailors , 83 nnorth Main
Boyles, Cornelius, grocer , Broad way above Morgan
BoylesMrs., widow, 44 Morgan
Bourgoin, M., tailor , 53 nnorth Second
Bolton, R. E., sign painter , 96 nnorth Second; rresidence Seventh above Frank-
lin avavenue
Bowlin, J. B., Judge Crim. Court , r and office 27 nnorth Third
Bowlin, Robert, attorney-at-law , 27 nnorth Third
Boyce, Wm.William H., lumber yard , c Laurel and Third; rresidence 50 Morgan