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St. Louis Directory. 53 SCH-SHE
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Scheible & Brunner , manufacturreas of chirurgical instruments ,
27 Myrtle
Scorbat, Peter, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Schaumberg, Christian, hair dresser , 96 ssouth Second
Schnell, J., turner , r Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Schrider, J., laborer , Seventh b Wash and Carr
Scheel, J. F., boot maker , 77 ssouth First
Scantling, Mary, r Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Schumert A. & P. , tailors and scourers , 63 ssouth Second
Schrimpf, William, portrait painter , 82 ssouth Second
Schoffler, E., grocer , 150 ssouth Second
Scirer, E., tailor , r 154 ssouth Second
Schooly, Edward W., architectural carver , c Fourth and Walnut
Scoderfield, George, shoemaker , Spruce b Second and Third
Semple, Charles, storage and commission merchant , 12 nnorth Front
Severson, B., cabinet maker , 192 nnorth First
Severson, Benoni, family grocery , 144 nnorth Third
Severson, Alexander, boarding-house , Olive b Second and Third
Settle, Thomas G., merchant , 88 nnorth First
Stedhof, Antoine, wagon maker , Plum b Second and Third
Seefker, George, laborer , 146 nnorth Fifth
Sedgewick, S., pilot , c Sixth and Biddle
Seby, John, trader , 47 nnorth Seventh
Selmes, T. R., dealer in drygoods, groceries, boots and shoes , 57
ssouth First
Seider, G., cabinet maker , 77 ssouth Second
Seidler, Jacob, laborer , c First and Plum
Sears, William R., boatman , Ii Cedar
Shannon, J., grocer , 43 nnorth Front
Shannon, John, plasterer , Alley rear Seventh b Walnut and Elm
Shurlds, Henry, cashier of the Bank of the State of Missouri , r
137 nnorth First
Shipp & Woodbridge , watchmakers and jewellers , 119 nnorth First
Shaw, William Tailor, (S. & Kramer ,) 47 St. Charles
Shaw & Kramer , tailors , 92 nnorth First
Shaw, John R., 47 nnorth Second
Shaw, Thomas, boot maker , r 63 ssouth Fourth
Shaw, Lyman K., r Fourth b Myrtle and Elm
Shaw, H. B., tobacconist , r 80 Myrtle
Shepley, J. R., attorney-at-law , 12 nnorth Second
Shaver, Nicholas, chandler , c Second and Cherry
Shaver, N., blacksmith , r Broadway above Morgan
Shaver, H., wagon maker , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Shafer, Ezekiel, shoemaker , 29 Elm
Shelvy, C., laborer , Second above Cherry
Shuetz, John A., boot maker , 3 nnorth Third
Shakspeare Boarding and Coffee-house , Theatre building, c Ol-
ive and Third
Shule, John G., boarding-house , 127 nnorth Third
Shepard, Elihu H., justice of the peace , 22 Pine; rresidence 9 nnorth Fourth