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56 St. Louis Directory. SMI-STA
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Smith, John, laborer , Ninth b Walnut and Market
Smith, Henry, carpenter , r Alley rear Fifth above Elm
Smith, —, r 74 Myrtle
Smith, Charles L., artiste , r Poplar b Second and Third
SmithMdme.Emily, widow, Lombard b First and Second
Smiser, Charler, painter , r Lombard b First and Second
Smootay, J., laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Snyder & Speel , house carpenters , Cherrry b First and Second
Snyder, H. M., brass and bell founder , Oak b Second and Third
Southack, F. W., china, glass and queensware store , 18 nnorth First
Southern, House, by B. F.Watkins, , 26 nnorth Second c Chesnut
Southall, Vincent, carpenter , r 167 nnorth Fourth
Sophia, , col’dcolored washerwoman , Fifth above Franklin avavenue
Social, Hall, by H.Phillips, , 3 Market
Solway, Joseph, boatman , r 70 Locust
Sours, N., laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Sovran, Mdme., r Second b Mulberry and Lombard
Springer, A. L., grocer , 45 nnorth Front
Sproule & Agnew , wholesale grocers, forwarding and commis-
sion merchants , 74 nnorth Front
Speller, Stephen, boarding house , 85 nnorth Front
Spalding & Tiffany , attorneys-at-law , 67 nnorth First
Spalding, Josiah, attorney-at-law , r Fourth b Plum and Cedar
Springmeier, F., tailor , 149 nnorth Second
Sparks, John, city collector , office 9 nnorth Fourth
Sparks, J. H., Commercial Hotel , Laurel b Front and First
SparksMrs.P., widow, 93 ssouth Second
Spark, Mrs., milliner , 54 Market
Speenman, Frederick, laborer , Broadway above Cherry
Sprigg, James, (Conn, S. & Greene ,) Fifth b Locust and St. Chas.
Spence, Henry, carpenter , r 51 nnorth Fifth
Sprelman, Samuel, painter , r 77 Market
Sparhawk, Capt.Captain , r c Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Sporleder, A., tailor , Laurel b Front and First
Spenist, Alexander, laborer , 81 Greene
Spurlhead, Henry, bricklayer , Ninth b Wash and Carr
Speck, Henry, family grocery , 69 1/2 ssouth Second
SpencerMrs., widow, Elm b Second and Third
Spencer, Mrs.T., English seminary , 47 ssouth Fifth
Sproat, Harris L., attorney-at-law , office 17 Pine
Stevens, Simeon, clerk , r 4 ssouth Fifth
Stevens, P., drayman , Cincinnati row, Sixth
Stevens, Mrs.Elizabeth, Third b Spruce and Almond
Stevens, Simon, 4 ssouth Fifth
Stevason, C., carpenter , r Market b Ninth and Tenth
Stone, R. H., wholesale grocer , 7 nnorth Front
Stoner, William, drayman , 64 Olive
Stoner, Caroline, washerwoman , 64 Olive
Stagg John & Co.Company , grocers and commiss.commission merchants , 24 nnorth Front
Stagg, John, (J. S. & Co.Company ) r 9 ssouth Fourth