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6 St. Louis Directory. BOW-BRO
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Bow, J., foundary , c Fifth and Franklin avavenue
Bow, Peter, cripple , Seventh above Chouteau avavenue
Bowes, Charles E., portrait painter , 28 Market
Boyden, Julia Ann, boarding-house , 49 Market
Boyd, J. M., clerk , r 115 Market
Boyd, Dougal, stone cutter , r Market b Seventh and Eighth
Boyd, Joseph, bootmaker , 23 Locust
Boyd, Andrew, do. , do.
Bonner & Tredell , hair cutters and shavers , City Baths, 58 Mar-
Boyce, P. M., 49 Morgan
Bagy, Louis M., attorney-at-law , office Chesnut b Main and Se-
cond; rresidence Eighth b Pine and Olive
Bolmer, J., laborer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Bogus, Henry, laborer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Bouis, Mrs.A., 51 Chesnut
Bohannon, A. S., M. D. , office 25 Locust
Bohannon, W. S., M. D. , office 46 ssouth Main
Bouterman, Henry, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
BonvilleMrs., widow, Cedar b Fifth and Sixth
Bookwald, George, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Boswell, Charles, lumber merchant , e Eighth and Morgan
Bowers, E., bricklayer , r Alley rear Cineinnati Row, on Sixth
Boeschenstein, John, drygoods store and grocery , 4 ssouth Main
Borell, John, cooper , r 134 ssouth Second
Boyer, Abraham, engineer , r 76 ssouth Third
BoyeMrs., widow, 126 ssouth Third
Bobb, Charles, brickyard and rresidence Walnut b Eighth and Ninth
Boom, Esther, col’dcolored washerwoman , Almond b Second and Main
Boxall, James, 53 Elm
Bosworth, S., boarding-house , 172 nnorth Fourth
Borkan, James, grocery , c Greene and Fifth
Brown, James L., merchant , 86 nnorth Front; rresidence Fifth b Carr and
BrownMrs., widow, female seminary , 9 nnorth Fourth
Brown, P. M., 49 St. Charles
Brown, John, musician , 24 nnorth Sixth
Brown, Oscar, col’dcolored boatman , Seventh b Wash and Carr
Brown, Mary, col’dcolored washerwoman , do. do.
Brown, B. B., dentist , 27 Chesnut
Brown, A. J., bricklayer , r 68 Pine
Brown, H. M., gunsmith , 28 Olive
Brown, J., col’dcolored barber and hair dresser , 21 Olive
Brown, Archibald, Locust b Second and Third
Brown, P., tailor , Vine b Main and Second
Brown, Jacob, tailor , r Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Brown, Joseph, laborer , c Ninth and Carr
Brown, James, miller , r s Front b Elm and Myrtle
BrownMrs., widow, s Main b Plum and Cedar
Brown, Mrs., Fourth b Myrtle and Elm