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66 St. Louis Directory. WIN-WOL
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Winright, John, English and mathematical academy , Morgan b
Sixth and Seventh
Wilcox, Mrs., boarding-house , Broadway above Cherry
Wilcox, C. L., M. D. , office 8 Vine; rresidence Seventh b Locust and St.
Wilcox, William L., tinner , r First near Cedar
Wimer, John, r Broadway above Cherry
Wigly, J. P., clerk , r 56 Market
Wistler, Edward, family grocery , Market b Seventh and Eighth
Wistler, Cristopher, family grocery , c Market and tenth
Winslow, William, clerk , 169 nnorth First
Wilder, George, 24 Olive
Wilder, Rev.Reverend Herman, r Poplar b First and Second
Withers, S. A., M. D. , office 8 Vine
Wisenberger, Andrew, tailor and clothing store , Oak b Front
and First
Wilshausen, J., boarding-house , Oak b Front and First
Wingand, Frederick, baker , Cherry b First and Second
Wilkison, Reed, school teacher , c Washington avavenue and Sixth
Wilkison, Mr.R., female seminary , 17 Greene
Wilkison, James, inspector , r 179 ssouth Second
Wirth, William, watchmaker and jeweller , Greene b Third and
Wilstiner, Henry, chair maker , 21 Greene
Wilman, John F., painter and glazier , r Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Wilmington, H., fancy drygoods store , 53 ssouth First
Wiseacre, Peter, drygoods and grocery store , 146 ssouth Second
Wineland, Andrew, engineer , 39 ssouth Fourth
Wiggins, William C., superintendent of the ferry , r 36 Walnut
Wiggins, Samuel, 44 Walnut
Wilde, G. W., Seventh b Myrtle and Elm
Wittemyer, Joseph, tailor , r Spruce b Front and First
Wire, Conrad, farmer , r Studley’s row, Convent
Woods, Stacker & Co.Company , dealers in castings and iron , 75 nnorth Front
Woods, Christy & Co.Company , wholesale dealers in drygoods , 96 nnorth First
Woods, Felix, book-keeper , r 66 St. Charles
Wood & Walker , clothing merchants , 122 1/2 nnorth First
Wood, William, (W. & Walker ,) 41 St. Charles
Wood, Gideon, boarding-house , 22 nnorth Second
Wood, A., dealer in boots and shoes , 20 Market
Wood, Benjamin, livery stable , Vine b Second and Third
Wood, Henry, clerk , r Seventh b Spruce and Almond
Wood, William, boatman , c Front and Cedar
Wolford, William Pike, foundry hand , Second above Cherry
Wolff & Hoppe , importers of German goods, musical instru-
ments, etc. , 17 Market
Wolff, John, (W. & Hoppe ,) c First and Spruce
Wolff, George, porter-house , c Second and Spruce
Wolff, John, laborer , Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Wolff, Edwin, tailor , r 53 Elm