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84 St. Louis Directory.
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Mechanics’ Institute
of St. Louis.
Thornton, Grimsley, President
J. W.Chadwick, , Vice president
JohnFord, , Treasurer.
JohnMcNeil, , Secretary
John H.Ferguson, , Curators
RobertBoyce, , Curators
School for apprentices and minors , under the direction of a com-
mitte consisting of
B. B.Brown, , M. D.
Wm.William H.Pococke, ,
P.Brooks, ,
M. LewisClark, ,
D.Woodman, jr.junior
Dr.Macaulex, Preceptor. .
Mississippi Foundary,
Situated on First street, the first square above the Missouri
Gatey, Coonce & Glasby, Proprietors .
St. Louis Foundary,
Situated on Broadway, corner of Biddle street.
Kingslands, & Lightner, , Proprietors .
St. Louis Type Foundry,
No. 26 Market street,
G.Charles, , Proprietor .
Centre Market,
Occupying the block between From and First streets, and Market and
Walnut streets.
Richard B.Dallam, , Clerk
North Market,
(The property of a joint stock Company ,)
Situated at the junction of Third street and Broadway
South Market
Situated at the junction of Fourth and Fifth streets, opposite Convent
Edwd.Merren, , Clerk and Weigher of South Scales .
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