Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
72 St. Louis Directory.
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MarshallBrotherton,Sheriff .
EsromOwens,Coroner .
LewisPatterson,County Assessor .
DanielHough,Treasurer .
M. P.Leduc,Justices of the St. Louis County Court .
HenryWalton,Justices of the St. Louis County Court
JosephLe Blond,Justices of the St. Louis County Court
State Officers
ThomasReynolds,Governor .
M. M.Marmaduke,Lieutenant Governor .
James L.Minor,Secreary of State .
AbrahamMcClelland,Treasurer .
Hiram H.Baber,Auditor .
S. M.Bay,Attorney General .
GeorgePenn,Receiver General .
Jacob P.De Forest,U. S.United States b Surveyor and Collector of the Port of
St. Louis .
St. Louis Public Schools
Fourth Ward—JosephTabor,President of the Board .
Third "—AsaWilgus,,
TrustenPolk, .
Second "—SamuelWilli,
John H.Baldwin, .
First "—HughO’Neil, .
IsaacMcHose, .
WilsonPrimm, , Secretary .
JohnMcCausland, , Bailiff .
WilliamRenshaw, , Treasurer .
Bank of The State of Missouri at St. Louis.
Capital, $5,000,000.

Branches at Fayette, Howard County, and Palmyra, Marion Co.Company

Insurance Compaines.
Missouri Mutual Insurance Co.Company of St. Louis.
H. S.Coxe,Pres’t.
T. O.Duncan,Sect’y.
Missouri Insurance Company
Citizens’ Insurance Company
H. L.Hoffman,Pres’t.
Union Insurance Company.
Theodore L.McGill,Pres’t.
F. L.Ridgely,Sect’y.