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76 St. Louis Directory.
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Missouri State Temperance Society
H. R.Gamble, Esq., President
Vice Presidents ---Rev.Reverend ArtemasBullard, , John H.Fielding, , Thos.
L.Anderson, , P. F.Cowan, , RobertBollet, , J. S.Fa, , Amasa
Executive Committee ---Dr.F.Knox, , JosephPowell, , Rev.Reverend Geo.
C.Light, , WyllisKing, , Dr.Thos.Jones,
Samuel T.Hyde, , Treasurer
SamuelKnox, Esq., Corresponding Sect’ySecretary
WilliamDowning, , Recording Sect’ySecretary
Medical Department of Kemper College ,
(St. Louis, Mo.Missouri b)
Rt. Rev.JacksonKemper,, D. D., President of the Board
Rev.Reverend S. A.Crane, , President of the College
Trustees ---EdwardTracy, , JosiahSpalding, , AugustusKerr, , Her- L.Hoffman, , HenryVon Phul, , Jos. C.Laveille, , Wilson
P.Hunt, , RobertWash, , J. ParkerDoane, , DanielHough, , Chs.
Jabine, , Rev.Reverend Peter R.Minard, , Henry T.Coxe, , James L.En-, , N. P.Taylor,
Joseph N.McDowell, , M. D., (late Professor of special and sur-
gical Anatomy in the Cincinnati College,) Professor of Anato-
my and Surgery
J. W.Hall, , M. D. (late of Kentucky,) Professor of Theory and
Practice of Medicine
Hiram A.Prout, , M. D. (late Professor of Chemistry and Bota-
ny in Lagrange College, Ala.) Professor of Mat. Medica and
Med. Botany
John S.Moore, , M. D. (late of Tennessee,) Professor of the In-
stitutes of Medicine and Obstetrics
Johnde Wolf, , M. D. (late Professor in Burkshire Med. School,)
Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy

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The aggregate cost of tickets in Kemper College in $80. Dis-
secting ticket, which will be taken at the discretion of the pupil, $10
Graduation fee, $20; Matriculation fee, $5.

Students before applying for the degree of M. D. are required to at-
tend two full courses in this institution, or one in some respectable school,
and the last in this, and to be of good moral character.

If a practitioner of Medicine apply, he shall give evidence of his hav-
ing been in a reputable practice for three years, and have attended one
course in this institution.

The regular lectures will commence on the first Monday of Novem-
ber next, and terminate on the 1st of March. The room for practical
Anatomy will be open during the month of October, and lectures free of
expense will be delivered to the pupils in attendance.

Board can be obtained in the city of St. Louis as cheap as in any city
in the West where there is a medical school. A cheaper ;market cannot
be found in any city on the continent; and there is no good reason why
boarding should not be cheaper here than elsewhere. Good boarding
can be obtained for from $3 to $5 per week.