The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
X Sketch Of St. Louis.
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There are two manufactories of cordials which last year made 15,000
gallons; average worth $l 25 per gallon.

There are three plaining mills, each propelled by steam, which
planed 1,400,000 feet of lumber, last year.

In addition to the foregoing, the following deserve mention.

The manufactory of jewelry and silver plate is now carried on to a
very considerable extent. Up to last year the workmen were chiefly
confined to repairing.

A manufactory of Britannia ware has been started within the past
year, and is carried on quite extensively.

Also, a glass cutting establishment. As yet the glass used in this
manufactory is imported from the Ohio, but it is contemplated in a
short time to commence the making of glass in connexion with
the cutting.

There are two plane manufactories, which are now nearly able to
supply the demand, and extensive enough to furnish nearly every ar-
ticle required.

A wire weaving and hose manufactory is in operation.

Patent scales and balances are manufactured to a considerable ex-

There is a manufactory of oil cloth, at which 5,000 yards were made
last year.

A carpet manufactory, at which 5,000 yards were made last year.

There are several small manufactories of military and fancy goods,
and hosiery.

A chemical and fancy soap manufactory has been in operation some

Artificial flowers are extensively manufactured by several persons.

Pottery and stone ware manufactory is carried on to a considerable

There are several manufactories of ploughs, and other agricultural
implements. It is estimated that they turned out last year about
$35,000 of manufactured articles.

Pumps, box and blocks, are extensively manufactured.

There are two tanneries in successful operation.

There are six daily English papers published in the city, and one
weekly in the German language.

During the year 1841, about 28,000,000 of bricks were made in the
city. That year, there were erected 561 houses of a permanent char-
acter, exclusive of about 200 small tenements erected in the suburbs,
many of them are on leased ground and not included in this return. Of
the 561 buildings, 384 were brick dwellings, the materials of which
cost $472,710, and the whole buildings cost $817,630; 14 stone dwellings,
materials cost $9,550, whole cost $17,375; 104 frame do., materials cost
$54,230, whole cost, $96,978; 45 brick store or ware houses, materials
cost $79,735, whole cost $115,840; 7 stone do., materials cost $19,500,
whole cost $34,430; 1 brick school house, materials cost $4,200, whole
cost $7,225. There was also commenced and nearly finished, a large
brick church belonging to the Catholics, and another church for the