The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
2 Advertising Directory.
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Fresh Garden Seeds
(Of direct importation,)
Warranted Of The First Quality, For Sale By
Dinn & Grubb ,
At The Missouri Seed Store,
No. 6, Main Street, near the Market, St. Louis.

The collection consists of every variety of Garden, Farm and Flower
Seeds; Dutch Bulbous Flower Roots; fine Roses; superb double Dahlias,
of above 100 choice varieties; Green House Plants; Ornamental and
Fruit Trees; Gooseberry and Currant Bushes; Strawberries, Raspber-
ries, Asparagus Roots, &c. &c.

Also, red and white Clover seed; Lucern or French Clover; Timothy;
Orchard Grass; Herds and Blue Grass; Wheat, Barley and Rye; fine
Scotch Potatoe Oats; Mangel Wurtzel and French Sugar Beet, with full
directions for culture and manufacture of Sugar; Morus Multicaulis
Trees, with treatise on culture.

Country Merchants supplied with seed, neatly put up with labelledpa-
pers, ready for retail, or in boxes from $10 to 100, or by the dozen papers,
or pound and bushel, (if they prefer making their own selection from the
general catalogue) for which a separate price list will be furnished.

Planters furnished with boxes well assorted, at from $5 to $50 each.

Market Gardeners furnished with the best quality of articles and on
reasonable terms.

These seeds are imported direct from the most eminent and experi-
enced growers in the Eastern States, and from the first seed establish-
ments in France, Holland, England and Scotland, and may be depended
on as fresh and genuine.

Also, Ploughs, Cultivators, Corn Shellers and Straw Cutters of the
most approved varieties; Garden and Farming Tools.

Canary birds of the finest song; breeding and fancy cages. Bird seed
of every sort, with a treatise on the care of Canaries, Goldfinches and
other song birds.