The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
St. Louis Directory—1842. 123 SHE-SIM
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Shea, James, (K & S) merchant tailor , 39 nnorth First.
Sheaffer & Fleherty , cabinet manufactory, Oak bbetween 2nd & Broadway.
Shcaffer, Wm.William D., (S & F) Oak bbetween Second and Broadway.
Shearey, John, jour.tailor , Morgan bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Sheehan, Wm.William B., porter house, 2 Oak.
Shefler, John, clerk , ccorner Washington Avenue and Third.
Shelton, J. G., merchant tailor , 33 Locust, res.residence 4th bbetween Elm & Myrtle.
Shepard, Elihu H., notary public, 9 nnorth Fourth.
Shcpard, S. A., clerk , Fourth bbetween Pine and Olive.
Shepherd, John, ssouth bbetween captain , ccorner Franklin Avenue and Tenth.
Shepherd, John C,saddle and harness maker , 184 nnorth First.
Shepley, John R., attorney at law , 50½ nnorth First.
Sher, Jacob, wagon maker , 101 Chesnut.
Sherwood, Lyman, jour.pattern maker , First bbetween Oak and Cherry.
Shettley, Henry, jour.engine finisher , 8th bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue & Morgan.
Shettley, Mrs.Rebecca, Eighth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Morgan.
Shibley, John, ssouth bbetween bar keeper , 76 Olive.
Shidy & Decou , hat and cap manufacturers, and dl'rs , 151 nnorth First.
Shidy, Wm.William, (S & D) hat and cap maf'ct'r , res.residence Olive bbetween 7th & 8th.
Shipp & Woodbridge , watch makers and jewelers , 119 nnorth First.
Shipp, S. A.M., (S & W) watch maker and jeweler , 119 nnorth First.
Shoemaker , Miss Mary, , ccorner Morgan and Eighth.
Shook, John, jour.carpenter , Thirteenth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Shoop, Mrs.Jane, Prune bbetween Second and Third.
Short, John, victualing house, Market bbetween First and Front, alley.
Short, Peter, laborer , Spruce bbetween First and Second.
Shotts, Christian, jour.chair maker , 24 Chesnut.
Shunard, Joseph, tavern, 2d bbetween Cedar and Plum.
Shults, Amos H., Sligo Iron Store, ccorner Oak and Front.
Shrycr, Wm.William, family grocery, ccorner Green Sixth.
Sickles, J.B., & , saddle and harness maf'ct'r , 140 nnorth First.
Siddons, James H., ccorner Green and Third.
Siedenberg, Henry, bar keeper , ccorner Fifth and Olive.
Siener, Emanuel, jour.shoe maker , 32 Olive.
Sieslie, John, jour.rope maker , Franklin Ave.avenue bbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Signaino, J. & J. , Liberty Coffee House, 82 nnorth Front.
Silch, Henry, market man , Wood, near Carondelet Avenue.
Siler, Wm.William, jour.mill stone maker , 203 nnorth First.
Sill, S. M., teacher Public School No. 1, res.residence Olive bbetween Sixth & Seventh.
Silver, T. W., jour.cooper , Chesnut bbetween First and Front.
Silvers, Geo. H., 70 Market.
Simon, Wm.William, jour.tailor , ccorner Sixth and Wash.
Simonds & Morrison , w & r grocers and com.commission m'ch'tsmerchants , 19 nnorth Front.
Simonds, John, (S & M) com.commission m'ch'tmerchant , res.residence ccorner Market and Ninth.
Simmons, E. G., 23 Vine.
Simmons, Robert, P., M.D. , 76 Chesnut.
Simons, Selar, Third bbetween Mulberry and Lombard.
Simons, Benj., Third bbetween Mulberry and Lombard.
Simpson, Robt., City Comptroller , ccorner Elm and Third.