The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
132 St. Louis Directory—1842. THO-TIM
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Thomas, Peter, watchman , Convent bbetween Third and Fifth.
Thomas, Eugene, maker , Morgan bbetween Twelfth & Thirteenth.
Thomas, E., maker , Morgan bbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Thomas, Wm.William, superintendent Dry Dock, res.residence First, below Ashley.
Thomas, Francis, teacher of dancing, ccorner Prune and Second.
Thomas, Jacob P., [B & T] livery stable , Walnut bbetween Third & Fourth.
Thompson, John, merchant , res.residence Morgan bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Thompson, Robert, blacking maker , Ninth bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue & Morgan.
Thompson, Wm.William W., jour.c'p'nt'r , 9th bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Morgan.
Thompson, Wm.William W., commission merchant , res.residence Carr bbetween 6th and 7th.
Thompson, J. & F.W. , wholesale grocery merchant , 5 nnorth Front.
Thompson, J. A., undertaker and cabinet maker , 5 nnorth Second.
Thompson, J. P., [JJA & Co] res.residence Broadway bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue & Wash.
Thompson, James L., clerk , ccorner Vine and Third.
Thompson, R. W., carpenter , 6 nnorth Second.
Thompson, Egbert A., attorney at law , Fifth bbetween Market & Chesnut.
Thompson, James, [J & FWT] res.residence 37 Elm.
Thompson, Wm.William H., jour.wagon maker , 2nd bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Thompson., D., [L & T] draper and tailor , Laurel near First.
Thompson, Raphael W., carpenter , Elm bbetween Fifth and Sixth, alley.
Thompson, John, brick layer , Convent bbetween Third and Fifth.
Thorburn, John, St. Louis Seed Store, 10 nnorth First.
Thornton, John, family grocer , 81 nnorth Third.
Thornton, Richard, baker , Seventh bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue & Wash.
Thorp, James L., inspector pork and beef, 2nd near ccorner Lombard.
Thorp, Stokes, Cedar bbetween Second and Third.
Thorp, A. C., clerk , 128 nnorth Third.
Thurman, A., ssouth bbetween pilot , Madison bbetween Ashley and Willow.
Tice, Jacob, brick maker , Fifth bbetween Railway and Labeaume.
Tice, Henry, Fifth bbetween Railway and Labeaume.
Tiernan, Nicolas, wagon maker , 7th bbetween Washington Ave.avenue & Green.
Tiernan, Owen, tinner , Seventh bbetween Washington Avenue and Green.
Tiernan, Peter, wagon maker , 67 Olive.
Tietz, John H., mf'cl'r of worsted trimmings, &c., 2d bbetween Cedar & Plum.
Tiffin, Clayton, M.D. , 102½ nnorth Third.
Tighe, Wm.William, Seventh bbetween Olive and Locust.
Tilden, John, [DT & R] merchant , 9 Market.
Tilden, R. S., [B & T] copper, tin, &c., mf'ct'r , res.residence 49 nnorth Second.
Tilken, Saunders, clerk , 80 nnorth First.
Tillman, C., clerk , 2 ssouth First.
Tilton, D. W., painter , Fourth bbetween Spruce and Almond.
Times, Tavern, JohnGronemann, , 68 Chesnut.
Timon, James, collector , 103 ssouth First.
Tinkenkeller, Andreas, jour.cooper , Front bbetween Elm and Myrtle.
Tinkler, Philip, shoe maker , 48 ssouth First.
Tischler, Franz, carpenter , 26 nnorth Sixth.
Titcum, Sam'l., 96 Market.
Titus, Myron, 142 nnorth Fourth.
Timberlake, Wm.William H., clerk , Post Office.