The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
134 St. Louis Directory—1842. TUN-VAN
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Tunstall, Mrs.Ann M., widow, Twelfth bbetween Walnut and Clark.
Turk, Wm.William, carpenter , First bbetween Smith and Florida.
Turnbull, James, book seller and bindery , 132 nnorth First.
Turnbull, James, jour.engine finisher , Carrb Seventh and Eighth.
Turner, Wm.William J., ssouth bbetween clerk , 57 Elm.
Turner, Moses, engineer , 30 ssouth First.
Turner, J. V., clerk , 94 nnorth First.
Turner, A.foreman , blacksmith, First bbetween Oak and Cherry.
Turner, Sam'l., jour.baker , 28 nnorth Second.
Turner, Wilson, jour.carpenter , Washington Ave.avenue bbetween Eighth & Ninth.
Turner, Peter, jour.carpenter , Cedar bbetween Third and Fourth.
Turpin, Mrs.Ann M., widow, Sixth bbetween Pine and Olive.
Turton, Wm.William, jour.carpenter , Washington Ave.avenue bbetween 10th and 11th.
Twambly, Wm.William, carpenter , Fifth bbetween Almond and Poplar.
Tweedale, Thos., jour.moulder , First bbetween Oak and Cherry.
Twigg, Mrs.P., widow, First bbetween Clark and Bates.
Twitchell, John W., clerk Gas Light , 100 nnorth First.
Tyler, Jos.; cabinet finisher and gilder , 90 nnorth Socond.
Uhl, Chas., cigar maker , Eighth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Avenue.
Uhrig, Andreas, (U & Brothers) Fulton Coffee House, 44 nnorth Second.
Uhrig, Jos., (U & Brothers) Fulton Coffee House, 44 nnorth Second.
Uhrig, Ignatz, [U & Brothers] Fulton Coffee House, 44 nnorth Second.
Ulrici, C. & , wholesale and retail grocery , ccorner Walnut First.
Ulrici, Richard W., clerk , ccorner Walnutand First.
Ulrici, Robert C., clerk , 68 nnorth First.
Umbarger, Anderson, jour.carpenter , Myrtle bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Uncle Sam Coffee House , M.Bechcrer, , 94 nnorth Front.
Union Insurance Office , 83 nnorth First.
Union Engine House , Third bbetween St. Charles and Washington Avenue.
Union Hotel , Boon & Bird , ccorner Prune and First.
Union Exchange , Vielheller & Lueck , 93 nnorth Front.
Union House , C.Kennedy, , Market beyond Skinner.
United States Quarter Master's Office , 44 Laurel.
United States Army Recruiting Office , 48 Chesnut.
Updigraph, John K., clerk , 52 nnorth Front.
Ustick, Jos., jour.printer , 48 Morgan.
Utly, David, jour.hatter , 86 nnorth First.
Vacharesa, Louis, Patriote Tavern , Second near Poplar.
Vail, Walter, merchant , 74 nnorth First.
Valentine & Ames , wgrocers and com.commission merchants , 36 nnorth Front.
Valle, Amedee, merchant , res.residence ccorner Fifth and Elm.
Valle, Neree, clerk , 52 nnorth Front.
Valois, Misses, 29 Elm.
VanAlstine , E.T., clerk , 126 nnorth First