The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
136 St. Louis Directory—1842. WAG-WAR
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Wagner, Henry P., rgrocer , 167½ First.
Wagner, Louis, musician , Fifth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Wagner, Fidali, shoe maker , Fifth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Wagner, Mrs.Mary, widow Fifth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Wagner, Nicolas, Almond, bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Wagner, Henry, carpenter , Scond bbetween Bridge and Rutgers.
Wagner, Philip, brick later , ccorner Third and Rutgers.
Wagner, Wm.William, Western Star House, ccorner Second and Spruce.
Wainwright & Withnell , Fulton, Btewerv, 21 Almond.
Wainwright, Ellis, (W & W) res.residence Almond bbetween First and Second.
Wakefield, Watthew, rgrocer , 55 Oak.
Walden, Joseph, Morgan bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Waldher, Rev.reverend Ferdinand, Poplar bbetween Firt and Second.
Waldher & Hengold , halters. Second bbetween Poplar and Plum.
Waldman, William, jour.cabinet maker , 74 nnorth Third.
Wales, O. H., wdry good dealer , 134 nnorth First.
Wales, O., wdry good dealer , 124 nnorth First.
Wales, James R., clerk , 16 nnorth First.
Walker & Kennett , dealers in fancy and staple dry Roods, 96 nnorth First.
Walker, Leonidas D., (W & K) dry good merchant , 96 nnorth First.
Walker, Thomas B., (E & W) 10 nnorth First.
Walker, T.A. & , w and rclothing merchants , 122 nnorth First.
Walker, Joseph B., (G & W) att'y at law, ccorner Pine and Second.
Walker, Sam'l., jour.brick layer , Chesnut bbetween 3d and 4th, alley.
Walker, Edward, carpenter , Third bbetween Poplar and Almond.
Walker, Chas., r grocery, ccorner Twelfth and Morgan.
Walker, Wm.William, ccorner Twelfth and Franklin Avenue.
Walker, James B., jour.carpenter , Second bbetween Howard and Mound.
Wall, Rev.reverend G. W., Second bbetween Spruce and Almond.
Wall, Matthew, carpenter , Fifth bbetween Rutgers and park Avenue.
Wall, Thos., jour.carpenter , Fifth b. Rutgers and Park Avenue.
Wall., Isaac B., clerk , ccorner Vine and Commercial.
Wallace, V. M., jour.cabinet maker , Spruce bbetween 3d and 4th, alley.
Wallace, Sam'l., jourshoe maker , ccorner Second and Cherry.
Walls, Wm.William, 71 Market.
Walnut Street Tavern , ccorner Walnut and Third.
Walsh, J. & E. , wgrocery and com.commission m'ch'tsmerchants , 62 nnorth Front.
Walsh, P., Justice Peace & Notary Public , 17 Olive, res.residence ccorner 3d & Plum.
Walsh, Mrs.A., widow, 5 St. Charles.
Walsh, Edwd.[J & EW] com.commission m'ch'tmerchant , res.residence 67 nnorth Sixth.
Walsh, Jos. W., Clerk Court Common Pleas, res.residence ccorner Third and Plum.
Walsh, Richard, mason , Biddle bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Walsh, John, merchant Madison, near Welsh's mill.
Walter, C., saddle and harness manufacturer , 107 nnorth First.
Walter, John, r dry g and clothing merchant , Front bbetween Elm & Myrtle.
Walton, C. D., Mansion House, ccorner Locust and Fourth.
Walton, Sam'l. D.,[Sd & CdW] livery stable , ccorner Locust and Fourth.
Walton, Wm.William, brick layer , Fifth bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Wash.
Warburton & King , w dry good and hardware merchants. 17 nnorth First.