The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
St. Louis Directory—1842. 7 BAR-BEA
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Barret, Richard, Fifth bbetween Market and Chesnut.
Barrett, James, jour.moulder , Broadway bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Barrows, Wm.William, Jr.junior , English and Classical School, Third bbetween St. Charles
and Washington Avenue.
Barry, James G., chandler , 57 ssouth First.
Barry, John, laborer , 57 ssouth First.
Barth, R. F., jour.tailor , 87 nnorth Fist.
Barth, Robert, (AE & B ) grocery merchant , 81 nnorth First.
Barth, John, laborer , Short near Wood.
Bartherl, Miss Amelia, servant , 66 Vine.
Bartholome, John, apprentice cabinet maker , 74 nnorth Third.
Bartlett, R.M., & , commercial school, 172 nnorth First.
Bartlett, Jos., Coffee house, 151 nnorth Third.
Bartlett, Phineas, carpenter , Carondelet Ave.avenue bbetween Park Ave.avenue and Barry.
Bartmann, Christopher, clerk ccorner Wash and Eighth.
Barton, W., hide dealer , 182 nnorth First.
Barton, John, clerk , Spencer, bbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Barton, Henry, laborer , Walnut bbetween Eleventh and Twelfth.
Basco, Geo., jour.carpenter , Seventh bbetween Biddle and Carr.
Bascom, Hiram B., watch maker and jeweller , ccorner Second and Market.
Basion, Mrs.Margaret, widow, 76 ssouth Third.
Bate, Gerat, laborer , Franklin Ave.avenue , bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Bate, Jos. J., butcher , (ML & Co ) ccorner St. Charles and Tenth.
Bateman, E. B., Planters' House.
Bates, Patsey, col'dcolored wash woman , 76 nnorth Third.
Bates, Wm.William, carpenter , nnorth First near Florida.
Batte, Benj. F., clerk , 95 nnorth First.
Batterberg, Thos., Second bbetween Walnut and Elm.
Battpe, John, Eight bbetween Biddle and Davis.
Bauer, Henry, laborer , Eighth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Bauer, Geo., laborer , Second bbetween Convent and Rutgers.
Bauer, Adam, carpenter , First bbetween Spruce and Almond.
Baum, J., draper and tailor , 81 nnorth First res.residence 4th bbetween Pine and Chesnut.
Baum, Geo., jour.confectioner , 44 nnorth First.
Bauman, Jacob, apprentice baker , 181 nnorth First.
Baumann, Jacob, gunsmith , 72 ssouth Second.
Baumgartner, Rodolph, Second bbetween Spruce and Almond.
Baxter, John, boarding house, 80 nnorth Third.
Baxter, Miss Rachel, seamstress, 80 ssouth First.
Bay, Harmen, clerk , 20 nnorth First.
Bayfield, James, carpenter , 45 Market.
Bayfield, J. H., dry good merchant , 48 Market.
Beach, Lewis, wholesale and retail dry good merchant , 147 nnorth First.
Beach, Miles, clerk , 147 nnorth First.
Beachbeard, J. W., City Hall Tavern, ccorner Third and Green.
Beadleston, Stephen, (C & Co ) upholsterer , 24 nnorth Second.
Beakey, John, (A & B ) tin and copper smith , res.residence 80 nnorth Second.
Beakey, David, jour.tinner , 27 nnorth First.
Beakey, James, jour.tinner , 27 nnorth First.