The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
14 St. Louis Directory—1842. BOY-BRE
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Boyles, J. M., jour.chair painter , 24 Chestnut.
Boyles, Mrs.Mary, boarding house, 126 nnorth Third.
Boylston, William, laborer , Eighth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Avenue.
Boynton, John, carpenter , Washington Avenue bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Braden, John, quarrier , Madison, near Water Works.
Bradfield, Thomas, watchman , Market bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Bradley, Michael, apprentice blacksmith , 7 nnorth Second.
Bradley, Brenholt & Barnett , architects , Fourth bbetween Olive and Pine.
Bradley & Brenholt , carpt'rs and builders , St. Charles bbetween 9th and 10th.
Bradley, Grove, jour.carpenter , St. Charles bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Bradley, Jefferson, carpenter , Lewis bbetween Payne and Florida.
Bradley, Lucas, [BB & B ] architect and builder , ccorner Ninth and Locust.
Brady, Terrens, Harp House, 8 Oak.
Brady, J. J., clerk , 30 nnorth First.
Brady, James, jour.cabinet maker , 12 nnorth Third.
Braggard, Francis, stone mason , Plum bbetween First and Second.
Braham, George, hostler , 90 nnorth Second.
Bramsch, William, baker , 234 nnorth First.
Branagan, William, Fifth Ward House, ccorner Franklin Ave.avenue and Seventh.
Branch, Henry, steward , 46½ north First.
Branch, Restorat, Fourth opposite Court House.
Branchmann, Geo., jour.cabinet maker , Seventh bbetween Biddle and Davis.
Branconier & Philibert , sash and blind makers and carpt'rs , 57 Olive.
Branconier, David, [B & P ] carpenter , 57 Olive.
Brand, Robt. B, clerk , 3 ssouth First.
Brand, Miss Mary, Fifth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Brand, B. H., clerk , Third,3 doors below Olive.
Brandreth's Pill Office , 49 ccorner Market.
Brannen, Bartle, laborer , Convent bbetween Second and Third.
Brannen, Michael, shoe maker , Convent bbetween Second and Third.
Brannen, Hugh, laborer , Convent bbetween Second and Third.
Brannen, John, carter , Convent bbetween Second and Third.
Bransford, Wrilliam A., clerk , 88 nnorth First.
Branson, Mrs.Julia A., widow, 33 St. Charles.
Brant, Joshua B.ccorner Washington Avenue and Fourth.
Brantner, W. H., jour.tailor , 23 Vine.
Braun, L., wholesale and retail grocer , 29 ssouth First.
Braun, John, musician , 24 nnorth Sixth.
Braun, John,jour.brick mason , Rutgers bbetween Second and Third.
Braun, Jacob, tailor , Franklin Avenue bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Brawner, Jerome, bar keeper , 89 nnorth First.
Bray, T. P., clerk , 1 Broadway.
Brazeau, Madame, widow, 14 nnorth Second.
Brazeau, Baptiste, col'dcolored porter , Columbus bbetween Marion and Carroll.
Brearley, Mrs.J., widow, Olive bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Bredell, Edward, Fifth bbetween Olive and Pine.
Bredell, John, Fifth bbetween Olive and Pine.
Bredell, Edward, drayman, Fifth bbetween Soulard and Rutgers.
Breed, Horace F., clerk , 56 nnorth First.