The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
St. Louis Directory—1842. 15 BRE-BRI
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Breed, William B., agent , 160 nnorth First.
Breen, George, jour.carpenter , ccorner Franklin Avenue and Seventh.
Breeze, Thomas, clerk ,71 nnorth Front.
Brehm, George, laborer , Wash bbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Breitenbaugh, Marten, gunsmith , St, George's.
Breitenstein, Jacobjr.junior , blacksmith , ccorner Sixth and Chesnut.
Breitenstein, Frederick, clerk , 71 Olive.
Breitenstein, Geo. H., Second bbetween Convent and Rutgers.
Breitenstein, Jacob, Sr., cigar maker , Second bbetween Rutgers and Wood.
Bremer, Tavern, Third 2 doors below Olive.
Bremermann,—clerk , 25 nnorth First.
Brendel, John, hatter , Second bbetween Spruce and Myrtle.
Brennan, Paul, assistant jailor , ccorner Chesnut and Sixth.
Brennan, James, grader , ccorner Washington Avenue and Tenth.
Brenner, John C., 24 Locust.
Brenner, John, jour.barber , 101 nnorth Second.
Brennern, Miss Elizabeth, ccorner Green and Fourth.
Brennern, Miss Margaret, ccorner Green and Fourth.
Bressler, Geo., clerk , 29 ssouth First.
Bretman, Gead, laborer , Cedar bbetween First and Second.
Breton, Mrs.Eulalie, 29 Elm.
Brettebach, Michael, r dry gmerchant ,ccorner Carondelet Ave.avenue and Wood.
Brewer, Miss Emma M., bonnet maker , 4th bbetween Market and Walnut.
Brewer, Anthony, calker , Washington Avenue bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Brewster & Hart , carpenters , Locust bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Breyfogel, Daniel, jour.carpenter , Green bbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Briden, Daniel, jour.carpenter , ccorner Eighth and Wash.
Bridge, Rayburn & , copper , tin and stove man'fact'y, 152 nnorth First.
Bridge, Rayburn & , plough manufactory, 237 nnorth First.
Bridge, H. E., (BR & Co ) res.residence 128 nnorth Third.
Bridge, Harrison, clerk , 128 nnorth Third.
Bridge, Joseph, 128 nnorth Third.
Bridge, H. P., foreman plough factory, 237 nnorth First.
Brien, James, jour.blacksmith , 152 nnorth Second.
Brietlep, Miss Eta, Second bbetween Convent and Rutgers.
Briggs, Thomas, bar keeper , Olive bbetween First and Second.
Brigham, David T., attorney at law , Fifth bbetween Biddle and Carr.
Brine, Daniel, col'dcolored , Myrtle bbetween First and Second.
Brindle, Fred., ssouth bbetween Pilot , Fourth bbetween Almond and Poplar.
Brink, William, cooper , Market bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Brinker, Henry, tailor , ccorner Carondelet Avenue and Wood.
Brinker, Isaac, clerk , 154 nnorth First.
Brinkley, Wesley H., jour.shoe maker , Green bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Brinkley, Mrs.Dorcas, Leghorn milliner , Green bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Brimen, John, laborer , Poplar bbetween Third and Fourth.
Brinner, Jacob. Ninth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Briscoe, Warner, M.D. , 2 nnorth Sixth.
Brison, Benjamin, gunsmith , St. George's.
Brittenhum, Mrs.Dicy, widow, Payne bbetween First and River.