The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
40 St. Louis Directory—1842. ECK-ELL
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Eckert, Frederick, Arcade Baths, 102 nnorth Second.
Eckert, Nicolas, jour.shoe maker , 39 nnorth Seventh.
Eckert, Conrad, gardner , Mulberry bbetween Third and Fourth.
Eckert, August, stone mason , Fifth bbetween Soulard and Rutgers.
Eckland, William, gardner , ccorner Spruce and Thirteenth.
Eckler, Charles F., painter , Second bbetween Hazel and Lombard.
Eddy, JamesH., clerk , 147 nnorth First.
Eddy, Joseph, clerk , 147 nnorth First.
Eddy, & De Forest, stove, tin and cop'r.m'ftrs.manufacturers and d'lrs. , 130 nnorth First.
Eddy, Joseph A., clerk , Second bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Eddy, James, laborer , Convent bbetween Second and Third.
Edelberg, N. & , w and r grocery merchants , 3 nnorth Front.
Edelberg, Nicolas, [NE & Co] res.residence Spruce bbetween Second and Third.
Edgar, T. B., carriage & harness manufac'y, 4th bbetween Morgan & Green.
Edgar, Joseph C., carpenter , res.residence Morgan bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Edgell, S. M., clerk , 117 nnorth First.
Edgerly, Dr.C. W., dentist , 98 nnorth Second.
Edmonds, Mrs.Margaretta, widow, seamstress, 48 Locust.
Edmondson, J. F., carpenter , ccorner First and Howard.
Edmondson, Albert H., brick layer , Second bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Edwards, A. G., 28 Vine.
Edwards, & Francis, w and r druggists, ccorner Green and Third.
Edwards, Lewis, (E & F) druggist , ccorner Green and Third.
Edwards, William, bar keeper , Carr bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Edwards, Edward R, Seventh bbetween Washington Avenue and St. Charles.
Edwards, John, carpenter , Morgan bbetween Eleventh and Twelfth.
Efert, Henry, jour.shoe maker , 86 Prune.
Egan, John, private watchman , St. Charles bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Egelbert, John, cabinet maker , Third bbetween Convent and Rutgers.
Egenton, James, jour.blacksmith , Chesnut bbetween Third & Fourth, Alley.
Eggers, Edward, (AE & B) grocer and comm'chantmerchant , 165 nnorth First.
Eggers, S., clerk , 165 nnorth First.
Eggers, Charles, clerk , 163 nnorth First.
Ehermann, F..jour.cabinet maker , 100 nnorth Second.
Eickholtz, J. F., lottery and exchange office, res.residence 121 Market.
Eickholtz, Henry, laborer , Fourteenth bbetween Spruce and Randolph.
Eichler, George, tailor , 88 nnorth First.
Elder, John C., commission merchant , 4 Laurel.
Ellenwood, Benjamin, deputy sheriff, Olive bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Ellerding, William, jour.engine finisher , First bbetween Oak and Cherry.
Ellingsworth, William, jour.carpenter , ccorner Green and Fourth.
Elliot, & Walker, retail dry good merchants , 10 nnorth First.
Elliot, Andrew, [E & W] merchant , 10 nnorth First.
Elliot, Thomas, blacksmith , Vine bbetween Second and Third.
Elliot, Edward, ssouth bbetween captain , Gay bbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Elliot, Ichabod, ssouth bbetween mate , Florida bbetween First and Second.
Elliot, Rev.reverend William G., Eighth bbetween Locust and Olive.
Ellis, Samuel, clerk , 28 nnorth First.
Ellis, J. C.C., student at law, 42 Chesnut.