The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
48 St. Louis Directory—1842. FRA-FRU
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Francis, Louis, jour.lock smith , ccorner ssouth Market and Marion.
Francis, Louisa, col'dcolored wash woman , Cerre bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Francis, David, (E & F) druggist , ccorner Third and Green.
Francisco, John, jour.carpenter , Seventh bbetween Biddle and Davis.
Franciscus & , exchange brokers , 90 nnorth First.
Franciscus, John T., (F & Co) exchange broker , 90 nnorth First.
Franciscus, James M., [F & Co] exchange broker , 90 nnorth First.
Francke, Charles, laborer , Short near Wood.
Frankfort House , Schwarte & Strodtman , 88 nnorth Front.
Frankla, John, ssouth bbetween mate , 1 Laurel.
Franklin House , boarding by Mrs.E.Parquot, , 30 Locust.
Franklin, John, jour.saddler , 78 nnorth Front.
Franklin, William, jour.carpenter , Morgan bbetween 12th and 13th.
Franklin, George, mill engineer , bbetween Howard and Payne near river.
Franklin, Phillis, colored wash woman , First bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Franz, Nicholas, jour.carpenter , Twelfth bbetween Carr and Biddle.
Franz, William, paper box maker , near ccorner Carondelet Ave.avenue and Wood.
Frashours, Mrs.Catharine, widow, Myrtle bbetween Third and Fourth.
Frazier, J. F., jour.printer , Sixth, bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Frazier, Miss Hannah, ccorner Market and Ninth.
Frede, Anton, stone mason , Eighth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Avenue.
Fredricks, Miss Ellen, 44 Olive.
Free, John, ssouth bbetween pilot , 30 Locust.
Freel, John, jour.cabinet maker , 12 nnorth Third.
Freeman, Michael, jour.carpenter , ccorner Franklin Ave.avenue and Ninth.
Freeman, Ford, jour.carpenter , ccorner First and Florida.
Freese, & Knippenberg, drapers and tailors , Morgan bbetween 3d and 4th.
Freese, H. H., [F & K ] draper and tailor , Morgan bbetween Third and Fourth.
Freiesleben, Julius, variety store, Second bbetween Elm and Myrtle.
Freman, Bernard T, laborer , Fifth bbetween Morgan and Frank.Ave.avenue
Fremon, Du Bouffay, justice of the peace, office 28 Pine.
Frenawald, Mrs.Elizabeth, Sixth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Morgan.
Frenk, Henry, jour.baker , ccorner Poplar and Second.
Frenz, William, laborer , Fifth bbetween Park Avenue and Rutgers.
Frerker, Bernard, laborer , Eighth bbetween Franklin Ave and Wash.
Fressman, Theodore, repairer and tuner piano fortes , 77 nnorth Second.
Frey, Joseph, bar keeper , Second bbetween Bridge and Wood.
Frey, G. P., shoe maker , 52 Spruce.
Frey, Mrs.Wilberger, widow, Seventh bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Friderichs,Charles & , lithographers , 7s Third.
Fromme, Fred., laborer , Myrtle bbetween Third and Fourth.
Frommer, Fred.,laborer , Fourth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Frontier House , JohnGarcia, , ccorner Laurel and Second.
Frost, Mrs.W., widow, Fifth one door above ccorner Chesnut.
Frothingham, Geo. H.,book keeper , Seventh bbetween Market and Walnut.
Fruend, Joseph, jour.blacksmith , 152 nnorth First.
Fruend, Joseph, beer house, Second bbetween Plum and Poplar.
Fruend, Wm.William, carpenter , Fourth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Fruesch, Bernhard, laborer , Fourth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.