The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
62 St. Louis Directory—1842. HEM-HES
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Hemenway,G., jour.cabinet maker , 162 nnorth First.
Hempker, Franz, laborer , Eighth bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Wash.
Hempker, Miss Eliza, 107 nnorth Second.
Henderschitt, John, jour.tailor , 181½ nnorth First.
Henderson, George, r fancy and dgmerchant , 43 ssouth First.
Henderson, Wm.William, trader , Franklin Avenue bbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Hendrick, William C, boarding house, 30 ssouth First.
Hendry, Chas.F. & , leather & saddlery hardware, ccorner 2d & M'k't.
Henger, Herman, laborer , Cedar bbetween First and Second.
Henger, W., laborer , Cedar bbetween First and Second.
Hcngold, Fred., jour.hatter , 203 nnorth First.
Henly, Archibald, bricklayer , Fifth bConvent and Rutgers.
Henly, Wilson, brick layer , Fifth bbetween Convent and Rutgers.
Henmann, Chas. A., jour.cabinet finisher , 112 nnorth First.
Henne, Anton, cigar maker ,51 ssouth First.
Henneberg, Gottlieb, watch maker ,71 nnorth Second.
Henneke, John, jour, shoe maker ,38 ssouth First.
Henradt,Herman, laborer , Franklin Avenue bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Henricks, Solomon, clothing merchant , Second bbetween Poplar and Plum.
Henrie, House, boarding, 11 nnorth First.
Henric, William, boarding, 11 nnorth First.
Henry, Julian, M.D. , Pine bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Henschen, John D., lithographic printer , Convent bbetween 3d and 5th, alley.
Hensey, P., cooper , ccorner Front and Myrtle.
Hepner, Henry, carpenter , ssouth Market bbetween Soulard and Carroll.
Heprank, Conrad, stone cutter , St. George's.
Hercules, Kasper, jour.carpenter , Carondelet Ave.avenue bbetween Barry & Marion.
Herdmann, Mrs.Sarah, widow, Madison near Water Works.
Herger, Jacob, barber , Second near Almond.
Hermann, Adolph, jour.cabinet finisher , St. Charles bbetween 10th and 11th.
Hermann, Mrs.Rosina, widow, St. Charles bbetween 10th and 11th.
Hermann, Henry, laborer , Eighth bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Wash.
Hermann, Frederick, jour, stona mason , Fourth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Hernandes, Francis, ssouth bbetween pilot , Second bbetween Lombard and Hazel.
Heme, Clemuel, jour, engine finisher , First bbetween Oak and Cherry.
Hernig, Gottfried, laborer , Soulard bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Herr, Jehn,laborcr , Broadway bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Herr, Charles H.,qucensware packer ,72 nnorth First.
Herr, George, jour, baker , Cherry bbetween First and Second.
Herrell, Mrs.Nancy, widow, Elm bbetween First and Second.
Herrington, Edward, wagon maker , Green bbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Hersey, Mrs.Catharine, widow, ccorner Second and Walnut.
Hcrthel, Nicolas, tobacconist , 49 ssouth First.
Herthel, John, butcher , St. Charles road beyond city.
Hertman, Henry, jour.carpenter , Tenth bbetween Walnut and Clark, alley.
Herz, John, plasterer , Fifth bbetween Park Avenue and Rutgers.
Hesmeier, Louis, laborer , Walnut bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Hess, Gottlieb, shoe maker , St. George's.
Hess, Frederick, tailor , St. George's.