The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Viii St. Louis Directory—1842.
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this institution, commenced on the 24th of March, and will terminate on
the last of June, The regular winter course will commence about the
first of November.

St. Louis Dispensary.

At the northwest corner of Pine and Fourth Streets.

Open every day (Sundays excepted) between the hours of half past 2
and 4 P.M.Consulting Physicians —Wm.WilliamBeaumont, M.D., Hardage
Lane, M.D.Attending Physicians —S. GratzMoses, M.D., Wm.William M.Mc-, M.D., Charles A.Pope, M.D., John B.Johnson, M.D., J. J.
Clark, M.D., Geo.Johnson, M.D.

St. Louis Lyceum—Incorporated, A.D.1839.

Dr.Thomas J.White, , President ; Charles C.Carroll, , John M.Eager, ,
Vice Presidents ; TruemanHoyt, , Recording Secretary ; B. B.Dayton, , Cor-
responding Secretary ; Nathan D.Allen, , Treasurer ; ChesterHarding, , Li-
brarian ; Wm.William M.McPherson, , John M.Krum, , John V.Eustace, , Benjamin
F.Thomas, , Henry L.Cobb, , Directors ; NathanielHolmes, , MannButler, ,
AlbertTodd, , Library Committee . The number of volumes in Library
of the Lyceum is thirty-four hundred. Elections held annually. Regu-
lar meetings on Monday evening of each week at the Lyceum Hall, cor-
ner of Third and Pine Streets. Lectures and public debates weekly dur-
ing winter.

Young Men'S Debating Society.

Founded May 7th, 1840.

John T.Pigott, , President ; Wm.William J.Hammond, , Vice President ; O. W.
Child, , Secretary ; ThomasB.Wade, Treasurer ; N. J.Roff, , Librarian ; Da-Caughlan, , Charles T.Wilgus, , and JosephChilds, , Directors .

Library numbers 1000 volumes. Meetings held Saturday evenings of
each week, at the Lyceum Hall corner of Third and Pine Streets.

St. Louis Franklin Institute.—Incorporated January 1841.

(Corner of Fifth street and Washington Avenne.)

ChirlesCarter, , President ; WesleyFallon, , Vice-Piesidcnt ; JohnW.Colvin, ,
Recording Sec'ysecretary ; J. B.Wall, , Corresponding Sec'ysecretary ; J. T.Stone, , Treasurer ; Al-Jones, , HiramMiller, , CharlesW.Gibson, , Directors .

St. Louis Hospital.

Superintended by twelve Sisters of Charity. Superior , Sister E. Re-
beccaDeLone, .

Male Orphan Asylum, Catholic.

Walnut, between First and Second, under the charge of five Sisters of
Charity. Sister Mary AngelaHughs, , Superior .