The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
82 St. Louis Directory—1842. LEV-LIG
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Levi, Joseph R., clothing merchant , 15 nnorth First.
Levi, Solomon J., lottery and exchange office , 351/2 nnorth Front.
Levis, Charles, architect and superintendent , office 20 Chesnut.
Levison, D., rclothing merchant , 191/2 nnorth First.
Levy, Samuel, Second bbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
Lewellin, Charles, huckster , Seventh bbetween Gratiot and Papin.
Lewellin, Green B., school teacher , Seventh bbetween Gratiot and Papin.
Lcwis, T. A., [AMR & Co] tobacco stemery , nnorth Front bbetween Howard and
Lewis, Mrs.Judith. Seventh bbetween Franklin Avenue and Morgan.
Lewis, Alex., lottery and exchange office , 29 nnorth Front, res.residence 57 Locust.
Lewis, C. & T. , New York clothing store, 176 nnorth First.
Lewis, John Pease, clerk , 20 nnorth First.
Lewis, Mrs.Mary, widow, boarding house, 64 nnorth Fourth.
Lewis,Charles, clerk , 120 nnorth First.
Lewis, Mrs.Eliza, widow, 83 nnorth Second.
Lewis, Edward H., jour.tobacconist , 83 nnorth Second.
Lewis, John W., clerk , 132 nnorth First.
Lewis, William, 178 nnorth First.
Lewis, Charles P., family grocer , ccorner Fourth and Olive.
Lewis, Henry V., blind maker , 65 nnorth Fourth.
Lewis, T., jour.blacksmith , Broadway bbetween Hickory and Pear.
Le Beau, Mrs.Hellen, 98 nnorth Second.
Le Beau, Robt.,saddler , 98 nnorth Second.
Le Beau, Chauvin, ccorner Seventh and St. Charles.
Le Beau, John B., gunsmith , ccorner First and Poplar.
Le Duc, . Judge Mary P., res.residence 38 nnorth First.
Le Duc, Joseph, dyer and scourer , 41 Laurel.
Le Duc, Louis, 42 Chesnut.
Le Dues, Abraham, First bbetween Plum and Cedar.
Le Guerrier, Chas., carpenter , res.residence Fourth bbetween Railway & Labeaume.
Le Guerrier, Mrs.Julie, Fifth bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Wash.
Le Page, Oliver, jour.carpenter , 112 Chesnut.
Le Pere, F., clerk , 8 ssouth Front.
Le Roux, Madame Ellen, widow, 44 ssouth Third.
Le Seuer, Alex., merchant , ccorner Myrtle and Fifth.
Libby, L. P.,c'b't.m'k'r. & und'rt'kr. , res.residence Frank. Ave.avenue bbetween 10th & 11th.
Liberty Fire Engine House , ccorner Franklin Avenue and Broadway.
Liberty Coffee House , 82 nnorth Front.
Liberty House , 60 nnorth Front.
Lichtenberg, Charles, shoe maker , Spruce bbetween Second and Third.
Licke, John, laborer , Thirteenth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Liddy, Martin, clerk ,7 nnorth Front.
Lieberknecht, Jacob, laborer , ccorner Tenth and Clark Avenue.
Liebernichel, Daniel, laborer , Fifth bbetween Rutgers and Park Avenue.
Liebig, Philip, jour.shoe maker , ccorner Sixth and Elm.
Liecht, John, stone mason , Fourth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Ligget, Christian M., [W & L] carpenters and builders , res.residence Fifth bbetween
Wash and Carr.