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vi Preface.
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of Morgan, w (west) of Sixth." Thus, the corners being deducted from
the front of a block the length of fron between the corners not being
great, and the side of the street being defined, the enquirer arrives, with-
out difficulty, at within a few dorrs of the one sought, and a single
enquiry does the rest. The city of Cincinnati, now estimated to contain
90,000 inhabitants, has not a single door nambered within it: yet, in a less
explicit form have a directories of that city been annually made, and liber-
ally patronized, for many years past. The directory for that city for 1843
contain no less than 345 business cards!

Something has been said about the length of time this publication has
been forthcoming. Upon this point, I would briefly say, that the time
I have unavoidably lost, from the causes already mentioned, has been
about two months: had it not been for which, it would have been out
about the 20th of October; and, considering that I lost about five weeks
of this time at my very out-set, it may be considered that I did not actual-
ly begin until the 8th of July.

The preceding furnishes my explanation - apology-defence-Justifi
cation, for the time occupied in the getting out of this book, and for the
omission of a part of the numbers, and the unavoidablility of the omis-
sion; and with the charitable, I trust it will prove sufficient, especially as
but a part of the city is numbered after all. But, be the defects and im-
perfections of this work what they may, whether few or many, small or
great, it will nevertheless, be immensely useful, and will often be referred
to by many who ougth to purchase a copy, but who, to save the enormous
sum of one hundred cents, will most honorably avail themselves of their
neighbors’ generosity!

A Directory of Streets and Avenues herein contained, and for the first
time published in a Directory of this city, will prove hightly useful, not
only to strangers, but to citizens also.

If a Directory is of any use, never did a city of thirty-five thousand
inhabitants stand in greater need than St. Louis does at the present time.
By an estimate, based upon an analysis of a part of the last Directory,
and a comparison of the same with the corresponding part of this, at least
one-third of the names of individuals and firms contained in the last are
no longer here; a greater number take their place in the present Direc-
tory; and of those names which are contained in both, a very large pro-
portion, perhaps fully one-half, have changed their locations since the
last Directory was canvassed for, which was in the winter of 1841-42.
Owing to the fluctuation of population, a Directory of this city ought to
be made out at least every year, and then the names inserted ought to be
confined to persons indentified with the interest of the place, by a house-
hold or business tenure, as is the case in eastern cities. In getting up
this Directory, I have to an extent and to a greater than I would again,
adopted the last Directory as a precedent, by inserting the names of non-
housekeepers and non-business proprietors; such as single clerks, jour-
neymen, & c. Nearly all, in the last Directory, who are now absent, are