Green's St. Louis directory :
xx Saint Louis In 1814.
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The present mayor, is the Hon. BernardPratte, .

There is a Lyceum, with a good library, in rooms on the
corner of Pine and Third streets.

The Mechanics’ Institute have a lecture room, on Third
street, between Market and Chesnut streets.

The apprentices are preparing a reading, or lecture room,
under the Unitarian Church, on the corner of Pine and Fourth
streets: a highly commendable enterprise.

This year will long be remembered, for the unusual rise of
water in the Mississippi and its tributaries, occasioned by re-
peated heavy rains at the norht and west: so remarkable has
this rise been, that it will form an epoch of reference for future
generations and historians of this great valley; and may it be
long before they have its parallel to record!

After the usual spring rise in the river, which was higher
than it had been since the great rise of 1826; on the 11th of June, the river had fallen about four feet, and on the 12th it
commenced again to rise from six to ten inches in twenty-four
hours, and continued about the same ratio on the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of June, and on the 17th it had attained a height
of six inches above the late spring rise.

On the 18th, it rose 2 inches

" 19th, — 9 "

" 20th, — 10 "

" 21st, — 15 "

On the 22d, it rose 7 inches

" 23d, — 14 1/2 "

" 24th, — 11 "

" 25th, — 4 "

on the 26th, 2 inches, and came to a stand this day, at 6 o’clock,
P.M.: on the 27th, it remained stationary until 4’ o’clock, P.M.,
entirely submerging the first stories of the buildings on the Levee, or Water-street, attaining a height, as will be seen by
the inscription on the Monument, of 38 ft. 1 in. above low water
mark, and 7ft. 7 in. above the city grade. On the 28th, the water
began gradually to recede, and had fallen, the first twenty-four
hours, four and a half inches:

On the 29th, it fell 6 1/2 inches

" 30th, — 9 1/2 "

" July 1st, — 11 "

" 2d, — 10 "

" 3d, — 9 1/2 "

" 4th, — 9 "

" 5th, — 7 1/2 "

" 6th, — 7 "

On the 7th, it fell 4 inches

" 8th, — 2 "

" 9th, it rose again 1 inch

" 10th, it fell again 1 1/2 "

" 11th, — 1 1/2 "

" 12th, — 3 "

" 13th, — 3 "

and at this date (14th of July) it had just left the first floor of
the stores on the Levee, and continued to fall gradually until
the latter part of August, or 1st of September.

The citizens have erected a Monument on a line with the
curb-stone on Water-street, opposite the centre of the east front