Green's St. Louis directory :
xxxiv City Hotels and Newspapers.
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Military and Fire Companies.
There are seven Military, and as many Fire companies in this city.
The names of the officers of fourof the former, and of two of the latter,
have been furnished for insertion; but, lest they might be mistaken, by
strangers, as all of each that there were in the place, I have concluded to
insert none of them. As their insertion is a matter that concerns the com-
panies themselves, or their officers, a triffle more than it does the balance
of the world, their ommission is wholly attributable to themselves, or rather,
to the remissness or difference of the secretaries of those companies who
furnished no statement, and by which I am subjected to the necessity of
apologizing to those who did furnish statements, or abstracts.
Principal Hotels in St. Louis.
City Hotel —Barnum, & Moreland, —corner of Third and Vine.
Fifth-Ward House —WilliamBranagan, —corner of Seventh and Franklin-
Glasgow House —E. H.Robbins, —corner of Second and Olive.
Green Tree Hotel —W. H.Ayres, —Second, below Myrtle.
Henri House —WilliamKraut, —Main, between Chestnut and Market.
Indian Queen —Colton, & Moulton, —Locust, between Main and Second.
Jefferson House —WilliamCurtis, —Main, betweeen Pine and Chestnut.
Mansion House —C.Walton, —corner of Fourth and Locust.
Missouri Hotel —JesseSeymour, —corner of Main and Morgan.
National Hotel —A.Vancourt, & B. J.Vancourt, —corner of Third and Market.
Planters’ House —BenjaminStickney, —Fourth, from Chestnut to Pine.
Paul House —Corner of Second and Walnnt.
Vine-street Hotel —T. V.Cannon, —Vine, between Main and Second.
Virginia Hotel —Sparr, & Green, —corner of Main and Green.
York House —Abraham M.Swart, —corner of Second and Green.
Exening Gazette —McKee, , Ruth, & Flagg, —corner of Main and Olive.
Missourian —Van Antwerp, & Dougherty, —149 North First, up-stairs.
Missouri Reporter —S.Penn, , jr., proprietor —35 Locust, up-stairs.
Missouri Republican —Chambers, & Knapp, —47 nnorth First, up-stairs.
People’s Organ —R. S.Higgins, —corner of Second and Locust, up-stairs.
St. Louis New Era —Charles G.Ramsay, —corner of First and Chestnut.
St. Louis Reveille —Keemle, & Field, —22 Olive.
St. Louis American —H. H.Holton, —23 Pine.
Anzieger des Westens —WilliamWeber, —42 Pine.