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with their fellow student, to attend the celebration of the public duties of
The annual session of the College commences on the first Monday of Oc-
tober, and ends, at Commencement, on the last Thursday of July. The
public examinations of all the classes begin on the Monday immediately
preceding Commencement, and continue three days. It will be seen that
there is but one vacation in the year, which embraces the months of August
and September. The usual academic degrees are conferred at the annual
Commencement, upon such students as are found qualified to receive them;
and literary merit is encouraged and distinguished by appropriate and
sigmificant honors.
The terms of this Institutions are one hundred and fifty dollars per annum,
payable, in all cases, semi-annually, in advance. This sum includes, not only
board and tuition, but also fuel, lights, use of beds and furniture, attendance
of servants; together with the necessary quantity of washing and mending.
It is worthy of special observation, that there are no extra charges, with the
exception of a small additional pension for lessons in the modern languages,
and for the exclusive use of private rooms. Candidates for Holy Orders,
the sons of clergymen, and Indian youths, pay only one hundred dollars per
Visits to the Institution are particularly invited by the Faculty, and will
be agreeable at all times except Sundays. The most minute information
can be readily obtaines by application to any member of the Board of
Trustees, or the College Faculty.
The Right Rev. JacksonKemper, , D.D., President of the Board;
The Right Rev. Cicero S.Hawks, , M.A., Bishop of Missouri;
The Rev. E. CarterHutchinson, , M.A., President of the College;
Rev. Peter R.Minard, ;
" Frederick F.Peake, ;
" Chapliin S.Hedgres, ;
" WhitingGriswold, ;
EdwardTracu, , Esq.;
JosiahSpalding, , Esq.;
AugustusKerr, , Esq.;
Doct. Herman L.Hoffman, ;
HenryVon Phul, , Esq.;
RobertWash, , Esq.;
I. ParkerDoan, , Esq.;
DanielHough, , Esq.;
CharlesJabine, , Esq.;
Henry S.Cox, , Esq.;
James L.English, , Esq.;
N. P.Taylor, , Esq.;
B. H.Randolph, , Esq.;
The Rev. WhitingGriswold, , Secretary.
EdwardTracy, , Esq.; Treasurer.
Nr. Jude C.Mansfield, , Steward.
Rev. E. CarterHutchinson, , M. A., President, and Professor of Moral and
Intellectual Philosophy.
Rev. George W.Sill, , Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy.
— —, Professor of Divinity, and the Hebrew and Greek Languages.
EdwardBarry, , Esq., Professor of the French and Spanish Languages.
GeorgeClark, , Esq., Professor of Civil and Ecclesiastical History.
L. WilsonDavies, , A. B., Adjunct Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages.
John A.Harrison, , A.B., Tutor in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy.
John DeWolf, , M.D., Lecturer on Chemistry, Geology, and Botany.
Mr. J. E.Goodson, , Professor of Music.