Green's St. Louis directory :
xxxii City Officers And Institutions.
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Methodist Episcopal.
1. First Church —Fourth-street, between Washington-avenue and Green
—Rev. WesleyBrowning, and — Marvin, .
2. Centenary —Corner of Fifth and Pine—Rev. JosephBoyle, .
3. Edmund Street —(Not yet supplied.)
4. Mound Church —North St. Louis—Rev. — Pollock, .
5. German —Wash, between Tenth and Eleventh—GeorgeDoneker, .
6. African —Green, between Seventh and Eight.
Methodist Protestant.
Corner Sixth and Franklin-avenue—(Without regular supply.)
1. First Church —Corner of Fourth and St. Charles—Rev. A.Bullard, .
2. Second ’’ —Corner of Fifth and Walnut—Rev. William S.Potts, .
3. Third ’’ —Sixth, between Franklin-avenue and Wash—Rev. H. M.Field, .
4. Fourth Church —Corner of Sixth and St. Charles—Rev. JosephTem-,
5. Free Church —Washington-avenue, between Eight and Ninth—Rev.
Mr. Townsend, .
Corner of Fourth and Pine—W. G.Elliot, .
St. Louis Lyceum.
This Institution was incorporated some years since, by an aet of the legis-
lature. Lectures and public debates constitute its exercises. The number of
members is about one hundred and fifty. The Library contians about three
thousand volumes of standard and miscellaneous works, and is increasing by
gift and purchase. The hall is spacious, and located on the north-east corner
of Pine and Third streets.
The following gentlemen are the officers for the current year.
Thomas J.White, President.
John M.Eager, First vice-president.
C. G.Hoyt, Second vice-President.
D. A.Magehan, Recording Secretary.
L. M.Shreeve, Corresponding Secretary.
Britton A.Hill, Auditor.
Nathan D.Allen, Treasurer.
Public Offices.
United States Offices.
Circuit District Attorney’s office —William M.M`Pherson, —51 Pine
Collector’s office (port) , OliverHarris, , 23 Pine.
Circuit Court (U.S.), Clerk’s office —JosephGamble, —North wing of