Green's St. Louis directory :
2 City And Ward Boundaries.
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Fourth Ward.—The territory lying north of the Third
Ward, and south of a line commencing on the Mississippi
river at the foot of Green-street; running westwardly along
Green to Eighth; north along Eighth to Morgan; and west-
wardly along Morgan to the city limits, constitutes the Fourth

Fifth Ward.—The territory lying north of the Fourth
Ward, and south of a line beginning on the Mississippi at the
foot of Cherry-street; running westwardly along Cherry to
Broadway; northwardly along Broadway to Wash; and west-
wardly along Wash to the western boundary of the city, con-
stitutes the Fifth Ward.

Sixth Ward.—All the territory within the city limits,
lying north of the north boundary line of the Fifth Ward, con-
stitutes the Sixth Ward.

In all cases, the centres of the several streets above named
are the dividing lines between the several wards.