Green's St. Louis directory :
6 Streets And Avenues.
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Kosoiusko-st.street , form Miller ssouth to Victor, btbetween Front and DeKalb
Labadie-st.street , from Fifth wwest to Seventh, between Chouteau-avenue
and Hickory
Labeaunme, from Front wwest to Tenth, btbetween Webster and Brooklyn
Lafayette-av.avenue , fro mKosciusko wwest to Linn, between Soulard and
Lafayette-st.street , from Linn wwest to city limits, between Park-avenue
and Gravois
Lami-s.i, from Columbus wwest to western limits, between Vietor
and Trudeau
Lane-st.street , from Front wwest to Carondelet-avenue, between Louisa
and Bent
Lavcille-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue to Hickory, between Stod-
dart and Morton
Lesperance-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Em-
mett and Picotte
Lewis-st.street , from Biddle nnorth to Florida, between Front and First
Linn-st.street , from Park-av.avenue ssouth to Trudeau, btbetween Closey and De Ward
Locust-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Olive and
Saint Charles
Lombard-st.street , from Front wwest to Fifth, btbetween Mulberry and Hazel
Louisa-st.street , from Carondelet-av.avenue eeast to Front, btbetween Anna and Lami
Lucas-st.street , from Eleventh wwest to city limits, btbetween Market and Olive
Lynch-st.street , from Carondelet-avenue wwest to city limits, between
Sidney and Bent
Madison-st.street , from Front wwest to Sixteenth, between Jefferson and
Marion-st.street , from Kosciusko wwest to Rosatti, btbetween Barry and Carroll
Market-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Chesnut
and Lucas, Walnut and Clark and Lucas, Walnut and Clark
Mason-st.street , from Front wwest to First, between Smith and Florida
McGirk-st.street , from Menard wwest to Rosatti, btbetween Lynch and Sidney
Menard-st.street , from Park-avenue ssouth to southern limits, between
Buel and Rosatti
Miller-st.street , from Carondelet-avenue eeast to Kosciusko, between
Park-avenue and Barry
Monroe-st.street , from First wwest to wwestern limits, between Jefferson
and North Market
Montgomery-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between War-
ren and Spring
Morgan-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Franklin-
avenue and Green
Morrison-av.avenue , from Provenchere wwest to Morton, between Hicko-
ry and Rutger
Morton-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue ssouth to Park-avenue, between
Stoddard and Saint Ange