Green's St. Louis directory :
Streets And Avenues. 7
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Mulberry-st.street , from First to Fourth, btbetween Cedar and Lombard
Mullanphy-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Florida
and Howard
Myrtle-st.street , from Front wwest to Seventh, between Elm and Spruce
Ninth, from Chouteau-avenue nnorth to nwnorthwest limits, between Eighth
and Eleventh
North Market-st.street , from First wwest to western limits, between Mon-
roe and Benton
North Trudeau-st.street , from Columbus eeast to DeKalb, between South
Trudeau and Duehouquette
O’Fallon-st.street , from Front wwest to city limits, btbetween Davis and Biddle
Olive-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, btbetween Locust and Pine
Orange-st.street , from Twelfth wwest to Fourteenth, between Washing-
ton-avenue and Morgan
Palm-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Harrison and
Papin-st.street , from Fifth wwest to Seventh, btbetween Gratiot and Chouteau-av.avenue
Park-av.avenue , from Carondelet-avenue wwest to city limits, between Rut-
ger and Barry
Paul-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue to Hickory, between Seventh
and Provenchere
Picotte-st.street , from Carondelet-avenue eeast to Front, between Les-
perance adn Trudeau
Pine-st.street , from Front wwest to Eleventh, between Chesnut and Olive
Plum-st.street , from First wwest to Fourth, between Cedar and Poplar
Poplar-st.street , from Front wwest to Fourth, between Almond and Plum
Provenchere-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue ssouth to Park-avenue, be-
tween Seventh and Stoddard
Randolph-st.street , from Twelfth wwest to Fourteenth, between Poplar
and Austin
Rosatti-st.street , from Park-avenue ssouth to Bent, between Menard and
Rutger-st.street , from Carondelet-avenue wwest to Saint Ange, between
Hickory and Park-avenue
Russell-st.street , from Lesperance ssouth to Sidney, between Rosatti and
western limits
Saugrain-st.street , from Carondelet-avenue eeast to Jackson, between
Bent and southern limits
Second-st.street , from Carondelet nnorth to northern limits, between First
and Third and Broadway
Second Carondelet-av.avenue , along the western boundary from Chou-
teau-av.avenue ssouth to sesouth east corner of city limits
Seventh-st.street , from Park-av.avenue nnorth to Howard, btbetween Sixth and Eighth
Seventeenth-st.street , from Poplar nnorth to Washington-av.avenue , between Six-
teenth and western limits
Sidney-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Victor and
Anna and Lynch