Green's St. Louis directory :
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Av, avenue; al, alley; bt, between; cor, corner; dw, dwelling; e, east;
es, east side; n, north; ns, north side; nw, north west; s, south; se, south east;
ss, south side; sw, south west; w, west; ws, west side; ups, upstairs;
wh, wholesale; c. for colored persons.

Several professions will occasionally be found abbreviated, for the purpose of
avoiding the doubling of al ine; such as lbrr, for laborer; cab-mkr, for cabinet
maker; blksmth, for blacksmith; carp, for carpenter; brkmkr, for brickmaker;
&c., &c., but the profession intended to be represented by the abbreviation will
be so obvious as hardly to require elucidation.

Note.—In the following, the directions are, for the most part, brief, plain,
intelligible, and to the point. I have striven to obtain the proper spelling of
names; and in searching for a name, the inquirer ought to know its proper spell-
ing. A person, for instance, looking for Commons, ought not to look among the
Cummin’s; for Neilson, among the Nelson’s; for Macdonough, or Mackoy,
among the McDonoughs and McCoys; for Walsh among the Welch’s and Welsh’s,
and vice versa, and scores, or hundreds, of other like cases fo synonymes as to
mere sound.

The cause of censure, in a large majority of cases, is attributable solely to the
want of a knowledge of the correct spelling of the name sought for; therefore;
you must know how to spell the name, else censure not if you do not find it;
mind this, in part, as you go along.

Observe, that the letters I and J, U and V, are not interchangeably arranged, but
I and U take precedence of J and V.

Aaronson, Joseph, baker , rear of 35s Fifth
Abel, Henry, clerk at Hamburgher’s tavern
Abels, John, laborer , nsnorth side Wash eeast of Ninth
Abels, Simon, clothier , 2 nnorth Front
Abels, John H, tavern-keeper , 106 nnorth Front
Abels & Taussig , grocers , sw cor Fiftgh and Park-avenue
Abely, Leonard, laborer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Abers, Antoine, laborer , wswest side Washington nnorth of Marion
Abbott, Timothy D, clerk , 30 nnorth First, boards at H Glover’s
Abbott, John C, (A. & P.) 135 nnorth First
Abbott, Ephraim, printer , 71 Vine
Abbott & Peake , wholesale dry goods merchants , 135 nnorth First
Ables & Kohn , clothiers , 103 nnorth Front
Ables, Nathan, (A. & K.) Carondelet-avenue ssouth of Park
Acklins, Frederick, grocer , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Adams, Bartlett, eseast side Lewis nnorth of Ashley
Adams, Edson E, chairmaker , eseast side Second nnorth of Olive
Adams, A A, merchant nnorth First, boards at Jefferson-house
Adams, Jacob, tailor , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Wash
Adams, James, merchant , sesouth east corner of Thirteenth and Wash