Green's St. Louis directory :
108 Saint Louis Directory.
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Leinmeyer, William, laborer , 247 nnorth Second, upstairs
Leinmeyer, William H, tailor , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash
Liggett, C M, teacher of Penmanship and Stylography , nenorth east cor-
ner Fourth and Chesnut, upstairs; entrance at 101 Ches-
nut — dwelling, nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Sixth
Lightcap, John, cabinet-maker , 76 nnorth Secon — dwelling, nw
corner Second and Olive
Lightcap, William, cabinet-maker , 91 nnorth First
Ligle, John, laborer , wswest side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Lightner Joel F & co. , stove and castings dealers , 188 nnorth First
Joel F. Lightner & ,
188 Main Street,
Have Always On Hand
The Queen Of The West,
Improved Premium Cook Stoves,
Coal and Ten-plate Stoves, Parlor and Common Grates,
Hollow Ware,
Ploughs, Nails, Spades And Shovels,
Tobacco Screws; also, Bark Mills and Corn Shellers.
Lightner, Joel F, (L. & co.) boards at Virginia-hotel
Lightner, J H, (L. & co.) boards at the National-hotel
Lille, John, riverman , wswest side Second ssouth of Cedar
Lilly, Joseph, laborer , nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Eighth, upstairs
Limebaugh, Christian, tailor , 34 Olive
Limerick, John, laborer , wswest side Second nnorth of Mulberry
Linebaugh, Jacob, ashman , sssouth side Convent wwest of Third, on alley
Linchey, Hugh, carpenter , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Sixteenth
Lindell, Jesse G, wswest side Eighth ssouth of Morgan
Lindell, Nancy, widow, eseast side Broadway nnorth of Green, upstairs
Lindell, Peter, eseast side Broadway, near reservoir
Linder, William, tailor , 247 nnorth Second, upstairs
Lindsey, Anson, carpenter , eseast side Second ssouth of Mulberry
Lindsey, John, saddler , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Lindsey, William, grocer , sesouth east corner Fifth and Cerre
Lindman, John, laborer , nsnorth side Cherry wwest of Second, upstairs
Lingo, William, wswest side Second ssouth of Mound
Linhoff, Henry, clerk , 26 ssouth First
Linkenmeyer, H, (Angelbeck & L.) sw cor Third and Walnut
Lining, Adolph, shoemaker , wswest side Second nnorth of Cedar
Linn, J M, wholesale merchant , 163 nnorth First
LintonM L, M. D., office and dwelling wswest side Sixth nnorth of Green